Bryan Stevenson returns to explain how the entire chapter of Romans 12 is a roadmap to building a healthy team and leading successfully. Bryan reminds us how everyone has a unique gifting from the Lord and why it’s necessary to encourage those around us and regularly self-evaluate.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “The Kingdom principles are the best principles.”
  • “We pursue holiness for His honor and glory, not because we want pats on the back.”
  • “Belonging to God means you also belong to the family.”
  • “You can believe for something that you don’t see.”
  • “You’re not a leader if there’s no one following you.” 
  • “Rising tides lift all ships.”
  • “Not having a particular gifting doesn’t give you free rein to have bad behavior.”
  • “Your role is to care for the people you are leading.”


  • Take delight and honor in each other.
  • Not being in the correct role can drain your energy and lead to burnout.
  • Be forthright about mistakes you’ve made previously.
  • Your team should be comprised of those who possess the gifts you lack.
  • Be specific when encouraging others. 
  • Learn the heart language of each person on your team.
  • John 14:12

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