Derek Dienner of MAKE/FILMS talks about the movie-making process and the inspiration behind the upcoming film Brave the Dark—the incredible story of Nate, a struggling, homeless teen, and Stan Deen, a popular drama teacher who takes Nate under his wing.


  • Forty-five investors from Lancaster County funded the production of the film.
  • If you’re too emotionally invested in something, take a step back to think and act sensibly.
  • Don’t lose hope in seasons of struggle. 
  • Your team should be made up of people who share your vision. 
  • Learn the balance between being patient and knowing when to act. 


  • “Literally, I could make pages and pages of lists of the things that shouldn’t have happened that happened—the miracles that happened—to make the movie possible.”
  • “I’m just a steward of something bigger.”
  • “The heart behind it moves mountains.”

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