Sarah Sauder, the creative director of DOVE International, and Diane Omondi, a published author of over fifty books, join Larry Kreider to emphasize the need for resources by Kingdom leaders. Sarah and Diane explain the writing process and where you can gather inspiration.


Sarah Sauder is the creative director of DOVE International, House to House Publications, and Partnership Publications. She has an associate’s degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Sarah and her husband, Brad, have two sons and live in Leola, PA.


Quotable Quotes:

  • “I’m following God. He gave me this gift. I’m going to use it.”
  • “There’s a depth or a richness— a clarity— that comes when we actually put things in writing.”
  • “Every book has a story, and every story is going to be different.”
  • “The best writers need a team around them.”
  • “Good things take time.”
  • “God’s given you a deposit as a leader that nobody else has.”



  • Habakkuk 2
  • To make your writing interesting to read, use fewer words and make it personal.
  • Once something is written down, it will begin to transform.
  • Writing is one of the tools we have to fulfill our responsibility of reaching our generation.


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