Dirk and Hanneke Develing join Larry Kreider via Zoom to discuss the differences between community churches and microchurches, their tips for ministering in other countries, and how they lead together as an anointed couple. The Develings share how to honor the roles, skills, and callings of those different from you, be secure with others’ successes, and help people reach their God-given potential.


  • 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Conflict, disagreements, and difficult questions are inevitable in leadership.
  • Control is a heart issue. There’s a difference between having leadership over a team and being in total control.
  • Never let your ministry get in the way of your personal time with God.
  • Take action so things can start moving forward.
  • God can only use you where you are willing to go.
  • Acknowledge that God made you different. 
  • Don’t let your age limit you.
  • John 5


  • “A movement is a move of God through ordinary people.”
  • “You’re just like the rest, but your assignment is different.”
  • “Leave control to God.”
  • “Jesus builds the Church.”
  • “Identity before ministry.”
  • “When you don’t go, I cannot use you there.”
  • “God is already at work. His Kingdom is not dependent on you.”

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