Glenn and Shirley Eshelman, the founders of Sight & Sound Theatres, join Larry Kreider for the Season 2 premiere of the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast! Listen as the Eshelmans describe how their upbringings impacted their future leadership roles, the importance of realizing and developing our God-given gifts, and how they successfully work together as husband and wife.

Together, Glenn and Shirley Eshelman founded Sight & Sound Theatres over 40 years ago, where Glenn also served as president for many years. Today, Sight & Sound Theatres has two locations with over 600 employees and continues to be a family-run business.


  • Trust that God will use the difficult times for good.
  • Be respectful of one another’s giftings.
  • God anoints everyone but with different gifts and callings.
  • Matthew 13:13

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Never blame God.”
  • “Forget those things which are behind and press on.”
  • “Do we make mistakes? Yes, but that’s why the Lord came.”
  • “You need a throttle and a brake to make a journey.”
  • “My greatest mentor is Jesus Christ himself.”

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