Jake Kail returns to the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to share more insights on deliverance and how to use the authority Jesus gave us. Listen as Jake and Larry explain the difference between ministry functions and leadership abilities, bondage versus oppression, and how to establish deliverance ministry in your church long-term.

Five Truths about Demonic Influence:

  • Demonic influence is real
  • It’s common
  • Certain things can open the door to demonic influence (the occult, sin, abuse, generational curses, etc.)
  • Christians can have demons
  • Believers are given authority over evil spirits

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Leadership is not just about a position.”
  • “You can have Jesus in your heart, but Grandpa in your bones.”
  • “Deliverance is for everyone.”
  • James 4:7
  • Matthew 12
  • Galatians 3

Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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