Janet Sauder joins the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to explain what she’s learned throughout her leadership and ministry journey and how we can apply these principles. Janet shares what it was like to plant a church in Scotland, why you should stay in your lane, and how the cost of quitting is higher than persevering. 

Janet Sauder and her husband, Brian, serve on the DOVE International Apostolic Council and the elder team at Newport Church in Elm, Pennsylvania. The Sauders have five children and have been married for over thirty years. Janet also works part-time as a surgical technologist. 

Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:


  • As a spiritual parent, you should encourage your spiritual children in what they believe God is calling them to do rather than what you think they should do.
  • Take time to respond thoughtfully. Do not feel pressured to answer quickly.
  • Follow through on what you say.
  • Learn from your mistakes but don’t dwell on them.
  • Train those who will take your place by allowing them take on some of your responsibilities.
  • Do not overlook the quiet ones. Everyone has something to offer.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Rather than my idea, it’s our idea.”
  • “The cost to quit is bigger than the cost to continue.”
  • “God, if you ask me to do something, I’ll say yes.”
  • “Look for someone to replace yourself.”
  • “I really believe everyone has something to contribute.”
  • “Jesus leadership is servant leadership.”

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