JC and Maria Alzamora join Larry Kreider to share why no gifting is superior and how their previous involvement with Maranatha Campus Ministries shaped them as leaders. The Alzamoras discuss what a prophetic Presbytery is and why we need to feed what is already inside us.

JC and Maria Alzamora are powerful and prophetic preachers that desire to see the reality of the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. JC and Maria are partners with HarvestNet International, where JC previously served as the director of the HarvestNet School of Supernatural Ministry. JC was recently commissioned as a fivefold minister at Newport Church in Elm, PA. Originally from Venezuela, JC and Maria live in Ephrata, PA.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Almost everyone who comes to Christ really comes because of someone that they know.”
  • “Your ego and your pride get in the way of your ministry.”
  • “How does that apply to the everyday?” 
  • “Fall in love with Jesus and never recover.”


  • Each gift is needed and important. Champion each gifting.
  • The Church is made up of 20% army and 80% family.
  • Have multiple mentors with different giftings.
  • Allow your spiritual and natural children to develop into their own persons, rather than a replica of you.
  • Empathy and creating relationships do more for discipleship than only sharing the Gospel.

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