Church-planting enthusiasts and the co-authors of Church Planting Made Practical, Jeff Hoglen and Ron Myer, join Larry Kreider to share why we need more churches and how to stay relevant while sticking to God’s unchanging word. Jeff and Ron explain why niche church plants are thriving today, how to make connections within your community, and the impact of the oikos evangelism model.

Jeff Hoglen and his wife, Tonya, are DOVE Mission International missionaries who oversee a growing community of 30+ churches in the Philippines for DOVE International. They officially moved to the Philippines in July 2022. The Hoglens are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commandment and Great Commission: to love God wholeheartedly, to love others relentlessly, and to go into the entire world making disciples.

Before you plant:

  1. Check if you’re truly being called to plant a church
  2. See if your family and spouse agree
  3. See what the leaders of your current church think
  4. Pinpoint what needs the church plant should fulfill in the region

The three types of churches:

  • Microchurch
  • Community church
  • Megachurch

Quotable Quotes:

  • “You can list a whole group of reasons as to why you should plant a church, but the one reason that will keep you going the distance is that the Lord is asking you to.”
  • “If you understand family, you understand the Church.”
  • “They want to be a part of something, they just don’t know that anything is out there.”
  • “As I’m doing what God has called me to do, I am helping the person working with me grow as well.”
  • “You’re coming to bring completion to a prayer, not to bring any kind of competition to anybody.”
  • “Don’t go alone.” 
  • “I’m a voice but I’m not the Voice.”
  • “If you start out with that outward-focused, servant heart, you’re going to be so much better off.” 


  • Seek out a fresh pair of eyes to make up for your blind spots.
  • When planting a church, you don’t always have to start from scratch. You can breathe new life into an existing church and revitalize it.
  • There is no “cookie-cutter” method to church planting. What worked before may not work somewhere else.
  • Increase your capacity but don’t exceed it.
  • Don’t become too secure in your successes.

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