Jimmy Nimon shares what he has learned from leading Gateway House of Prayer and Lifeway Church, the value of having teammates who differ from you, and the power in affirmation, slowing down, and learning to listen to others. Listen as Jimmy and Larry Kreider explain the importance of consistently preaching the gospel, how not to “cripple” your old and new churches, healthy partnerships, and why you should be willing to learn from others.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “We are called to advance the Kingdom, not part the Kingdom.”
  • “It’s about the goal, not about the role.”


  • We are married to the mission and to the message, but not to the method.
  • Everything that is healthy grows, but not everything that grows is healthy.
  • Jimmy’s four main focuses when planting a church:
    • Build a culture of prayer.
    • Consistently preach the gospel.
    • Intentionally make disciples.
    • Create environments of care and connection.

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