Jimmy Nimon looks back on what it was like growing up in a non-Christian home, his life-changing encounter with God at 21 years old, and the seeds planted throughout his life to prepare him for his ministry today. Listen as he and Larry Kreider delve into his inspiring testimony, including his desire to be born again and the leadership skills he has found to be most effective.

Jimmy Nimon is the founder and lead pastor of Lifeway Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Previously, he led Gateway House of Prayer, a 24/7 worship and prayer center, which he founded in 2005. He and his wife, Lydia, both share a passion for reaching the lost, training leaders, and planting churches.


  • God can use everyone.
  • It starts with a great God, not great people.
  • Seek God with your whole heart rather than your conditions.
  • Leadership starts with learning how to serve.
  • Your calling is to help other people fulfill their calling.
  • By aiding in another leader’s vision, you can find your own calling.

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