Joel Bomberger makes his first appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to talk about his involvement with ministries and companies like Circuit Riders and Honest Media, which helped to mold him into the leader he is today. Listen as Joel discusses how his vision for the Jesus Rallies of Lancaster County became a reality, the passion Gen Z has for sharing its faith, and the power of like-minded leaders coming together.

Joel Bomberger is an evangelist with a heart for revival, known for his influential presence on various social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. Joel helped to pioneer the high school campus branch of Carry The Love alongside his wife, Amy, and was one of the owners of the creative agency Honest Media until 2019. Currently, Joel and Amy live in Lancaster, PA, with their three children.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Gen Z has something very significant in the heart of God for an explosion of the gospel.”
  • “The gospel is really going viral.”
  • “There’s a seed of faith implanted in you as you set yourself to seek the Lord.”
  • “I didn’t realize that the Kingdom of God was tangible.”


  • Gen Z is more likely to share about its faith compared to the other generations.
  • Revelation 3:16
  • You can miss out on potential fruit, Kingdom building, and sustainability by not honoring the leadership before you.

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