José Ecclesiastes from Mozambique shares his experiences as a young leader, including how his Bible study transitioned into a church and how the Lord prepared him early on for leadership. Listen as he shares how his church multiplied during the COVID-19 pandemic, how invaluable it is to learn from other servants of God, and what he learned during his time in India.

José Ecclesiastes (Humberto) and his wife, Camila, serve as the lead elders of Glory of the Word House International Church in Maputo, Mozambique. José and Camila have three sons and have been married since 2017.

 Quotable Quotes:

  •  “Look for open doors… Look for relationships… And you see what God does.”
  • “Sometimes we learn from people we wouldn’t expect.”
  • “I never felt much like a pastor. But I knew I was called to lead people to Jesus.”
  • “Honor opens doors.”
  • “You cannot fully know a person in one day.”


  • When searching for spiritual parents, look for those who believe in you and your ministry.
  • Be prepared to leave your comfort zone when submitting your heart to the Lord.
  • Psalm 5:12
  • Honor the generations before and after you.

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