Kevin Graves shares what he’s learned and experienced over the last 38 years as a church planter and leader. Listen as Kevin and Larry Kreider discuss the meaning of impartation and how you receive it, the difference between leading as a father and grandfather, and the critical need for discernment.

 Quotable Quotes:

  • “Leadership evolved because I was brought into the shadow of both great men.”
  • “It wasn’t education. It was really impartation.”
  • “Receive God’s grace and then extend God’s grace.”
  • “What is your motivation for wanting to be a leader?”


  • Malachi 4:6
  • Make sure your character is strong enough to sustain your ministry.
  • Hard times are used by God to shape and form us.
  • Romans 12:18
  • Lead by influence rather than instruction.
  • Be eager to find accountability.

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