In their return to the studio, Larry and LaVerne Kreider dive into the topic of transition, offering valuable insights on navigating these periods in a Godly and healthy manner. They acknowledge that while change can be exciting, it also can bring feelings of loss for both leaders and their teams. Join Larry and LaVerne as they discuss the importance of not rushing the process, giving care and concern to yourself and others, and how communication during times of transition is crucial.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Transition almost always precedes an invitation from God to join Him in what he wants to do next.”
  • “The process is so important.”
  • “Good leaders bring people along with them in the process.” 


  • Not moving too quickly is an important key when in transition.
  • Communication with your team is vital.
  • Change and transition test our identity.
  • Walking through transition with care and concern—for yourself and others—gives space to process the feelings of loss that change can bring.
  • Acts 6
  • Habakkuk 2

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