LaVerne Kreider makes her second appearance on the podcast to share the inspiration and stories behind her and Larry’s book Our Journey with God. Listen as the Kreiders reminisce about their involvement in youth ministry; their emphasis on prayer, discipleship, and evangelism; and the start of the DOVE International movement.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Don’t wait for somebody else. Just obey God and go do it!”
  • “Wherever we start, we need God desperately.”
  • “The emphasis was below the ground.”
  • “It’s not ‘working for God.’ It’s allowing God to work through us.”
  • “Don’t despise those days of small beginnings.”
  • “If God can use us, He can use anybody.”


  • Be willing to be pulled out of your comfort zone.
  • Take one step and start.
  • Build different teams for each aspect of your ministry.
  • “The Church” refers to the people, not a building.
  • Hard times can help shape you.
  • Find a good balance between work, worship, rest, and play.
  • Walk in humility as a leader.

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