Lee DeMatos returns to the studio to explain his approach to bringing Christ into conversations and the power that comes from saying the name of Jesus. Listen as Lee and Larry Kreider discuss ways to share your faith that best represents God and removes any weirdness and awkwardness.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “You become like who disciples you.”
  • “Sharing faith with people is really looking for an open door.”
  • “Sometimes the shoes are bigger than my feet. But the Lord just helps you grow into them.”
  • “You might be the one who does the harvest, or you might be the one who plants the very first seed.”
  • “God will always put you with someone you have something in common with.”


  • Love people instead of making them feel like another project.
  • Avoid “Christianese” when talking to people.
  • Be able to tell your testimony in three minutes.
  • You cannot let your budget govern your ministry.
  • The work for the Kingdom is endless.
  • The same Holy Spirit that filled Jesus is within you, too.
  • When God asks something of you, say yes.

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