Lisa Hosler, the president of Align Life Ministries, joins Larry Kreider in the studio to share her experiences in leadership. Listen as Lisa explains the meaning behind her ministry’s name, the damage that comes with making comparisons, and why you should strive to change and grow as a leader.

After graduating from Lancaster Bible College, Lisa Hosler earned her MS from Millersville University. She became the president of Align Life Ministries in 1985, which was previously known as Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services. Today, Align Life Ministries serves its communities by providing pregnancy services, strategic partnerships, and equipping resources.


  • Honor the leadership above you.
  • Don’t compare your ministry to others. Instead, compare yourself with who God called you to be.
  • Everyone can hear God.
  • Let Jesus be the CEO of your ministry.
  • Isaiah 54:2

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