In her third appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast, Lisa Hosler shares the harsh realities and painful changes that come with losing a spouse. Listen as Lisa addresses how the body of Christ should embrace widows and widowers as well as her heart for the lost.


  • Do not minimize the pain of others.
  • Do not compare your loss with another’s.
  • Give people the option to talk about their late spouse.
  • Don’t assume how someone is doing. Ask them.
  • Isaiah 54:4
  • Ecclesiastes 7:4

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Feel no obligation to say something wise.”
  • “Grief is the kind of thing that’s so loud, so painful… The way to get through it is to express it.”
  • “Step into the hard. Step into the awkward.”
  • “If the body of Christ can’t look out for widows and widowers, are we looking out for lost people?”

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