Merle and Cheree Shenk join Larry and LaVerne Kreider to discuss how they are preparing for April 2024, when Merle and the DOVE family will celebrate his transition into becoming the DOVE International director. The Kreiders and the Shenks delve into when Merle and Cheree felt called to leadership, their heart for this upcoming season, and what they’ve learned from 19 years of pastoral ministry and over 11 years as church planters in South Africa.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Never say ‘never’ to God.”
  • “When you love the Lord, He can ask you for anything.”
  • “We had faith, and God rewarded that.”
  • “With Him, it’s going to be possible.”
  • “What you believe about what’s happening to you is almost as important as what happens to you.”
  • “You can know things in your head and experience something different in your heart.”


  • Romans 12
  • Your team needs to do more than agree with you. They need to buy into the ministry’s vision and values as well.
  • Intentionally make time for your family and keep it separate from your ministry.
  • Schedule and fight for time with your spouse away from your ministry.
  • Learn to view people and situations through God’s eyes and perspective.

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Recorded live at the 2023 DOVE International Leadership Conference

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