Larry Kreider & Merle Shenk on the 8 Essential Qualities of a Healthy Church

“What are the essential qualities of a healthy growing church, regardless of culture and theological persuasion?" Christian A. Schwarz and a team from Institute for Church Development in Germany sought to answer this question by conducting a three-year study, where 4.2 million people from over 1,000 churches within thirty-two countries responded. In today's episode, Merle [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 52

Larry Kreider & Josh Good on Building House to House

Larry Kreider describes the inspiration and story behind his first book, House to House. Listen as he and Josh Good discuss the power of house-to-house ministry, mistakes to avoid, the meaning of co-equal plurality, how the DOVE family greatly benefited from having spiritual parents, and how we are all called to be ministers. 4 Areas of [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 51

Kevin Graves on Extending God’s Grace

Kevin Graves shares what he's learned and experienced over the last 38 years as a church planter and leader. Listen as Kevin and Larry Kreider discuss the meaning of impartation and how you receive it, the difference between leading as a father and grandfather, and the critical need for discernment.  Quotable Quotes: "Leadership evolved because [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 50

Lisa Hosler on The Unexhausted Leader

Lisa Hosler returns to the podcast to talk about her book, The Unexhausted Leader, to help those growing weary in their ministries. In this episode, Lisa and Larry Kreider discuss the difference between brainstorming and spirit storming, the meaning of "productive pause," and how to apply these principles in a secular work environment.  3 Principles: Alignment [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 49

Lisa Hosler on Leadership: Collaboration & Corporate Discernment

Lisa Hosler, the president of Align Life Ministries, joins Larry Kreider in the studio to share her experiences in leadership. Listen as Lisa explains the meaning behind her ministry's name, the damage that comes with making comparisons, and why you should strive to change and grow as a leader. After graduating from Lancaster Bible College, Lisa [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 48

Ron Myer on Understanding Fivefold Ministry

Ron Myer returns to the studio to speak about his book, Fivefold Ministry Made Practical, and each of the fivefold giftings. In this episode, Ron and Larry Kreider explain the who, what, why, and how of fivefold ministry as well as why each gift is needed in the Church today. Fivefold Ministers: Apostles - Govern Prophets [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 47

Ron Myer on Being Prepared by God

Ron Myer joins Larry on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to explain how he got involved in leadership and how God radically changed him. Listen as Ron shares his heart for marketplace ministry, the influence of spiritual parents, and how to grow from your mistakes. Ron Myer is the Assistant International Director of DOVE International and leads the DOVE USA Apostolic Council, where [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 46

Sam Smucker on Embracing the Entire Body of Christ

Pastor Sam Smucker joins Larry Kreider in the studio again to share insights from their book, Straight Talk to Leaders. In this episode of the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast, Sam and Larry talk about how to implement accountability, the importance of being teachable, and Worship Center's succession process. Highlights: Mark 11:23-24 Romans 10:8-10 James 1:19 You cannot [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 45

Doug Lehman on Being a Bi-Vocational Leader

Doug Lehman returns to the studio to share how he juggles his responsibilities as a pastor, basketball coach, chicken farmer, and DOVE International's apostolic team leader of South Central Asia. In this episode, Doug and Larry Kreider delve into the benefits of getting an outside perspective, strengthening your strengths, and creating opportunities for your team [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 44

Brian Sauder on Living Prosperously

Brian Sauder returns to the studio to discuss biblical finance teachings from his book, A Practical Path to a Prosperous Life. Listen as Brian and Larry Kreider share the difference between lottery thinking, poverty thinking, and biblical thinking, the meaning of El Shaddai, and why you should avoid a martyr mentality. Highlights: Money is a tool [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 43
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