Pastor Simon Eng, the senior pastor of Hope Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, sits down with Larry Kreider to discuss how he fixed his spiritual dissatisfaction. Pastor Simon explains his perspective on the succession process and what qualities to look for in a successor.

Pastor Simon Eng was the president of Hope International Ministries (HIM) for 13 years until he handed the presidency over to his successor in 2021. HIM is a global church-planting family with over 642 churches in over 60 countries. Pastor Simon and a small team also planted Hope Kuching in Malaysia in 1992. Today, he travels extensively throughout the HIM family and the world, encouraging Christian leaders.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Leadership is built on trust.”
  • “If God is not strong in your life, you’ll be looking for alternative solutions, which is not spiritual.”
  • “Being a leader for God is one of the most important callings on our lives.”
  • “God created us to be able to bless others.”


  • Matthew 28
  • Turn to the Lord for leadership strategies.
  • What you learn in the marketplace can also aid you in your ministry.
  • Find ways for your whole family to get involved in the ministry.
  • God gives us more than we expect.
  • Being a leader means looking after others.

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