Pastor Simon Eng and Pastor Wilson Lim share the planning and wisdom behind Hope International Ministries’s six-year succession process and how the network has continued to grow and flourish since the transition. Simon, Wilson, and Larry Kreider share the hardest part of the succession process, how to ensure security and stability, and how to choose the correct successor.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “I just wanted to serve God.”
  • “God was speaking to us differently, separately, and independently.”
  • “It’s about what God wants to do.”
  • “I’ll support anybody God appoints.”


  • Potential candidates should not use God’s name or prophetic words to manipulate or sway the final decision.
  • The successor should be someone the ministry is already familiar with.
  • Succeeding does not necessarily translate to retiring. The previous leader may simply change his or her role.
  • Do not rush the process. Important decisions take time, so start earlier than later.
  • Seek wisdom and help from people who have gone through this process before.

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