Pastor Wilson Lim, the founding pastor of Hope Church Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia, joins Larry Kreider to share his church-planting journey and how past mistakes can be powerful tools to learn from. Pastor Wilson explains how spousal differences can complement one another, the importance of being moldable by God, and what Hope International Ministries looks like today.

Pastor Wilson Lim is the president of Hope International Ministries and oversees the network’s churches in Oceania. He has a bachelor’s and doctorate degree in civil engineering from Monash University in addition to a master of theology degree from the University of Manchester. Pastor Wilson and his wife, Pastor Lai Ling, have three children.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Go out, stretch yourself, and learn.”
  • “Our heart influences everything.”
  • “You can see God’s fingerprints on our hearts.
  • “All leaders make mistakes.”


  • Learn as you go.
  • You can’t assume that everyone thinks the way you do.
  • Proverbs 14:4
  • Do not hastily make decisions. Ensure that you have taken the time to think things through and that your team is on board.
  • What is God calling you to be? Do not only focus on what He’s calling you to do.

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