Ron Myer joins Larry Kreider in the studio for the final episode of a five-part series on the fivefold ministry. Ron and Larry delve into the importance of the teaching gift and its crucial role in anchoring individuals in the foundational truths of God’s Word.

Ephesians 4 Gifts:

  1. Apostles – Govern
  2. Prophets – Guide
  3. Evangelists – Gather
  4. Pastors/Shepherds – Guard
  5. Teachers – Ground

Quotable Quotes:

  • “A teacher is someone who can take something complex and make it simple and easily understood.”


  • Ephesians 4
  • James 1:21
  • A teacher directs their attention towards God’s Word and holds a deep concern for its proper and accurate teaching.
  • A teacher often derives as much, if not more, fulfillment from the process of preparing a message as they do from its actual delivery.
  • A teaching gift is so important and critical to make sure that people are grounded in God’s Word.
  • Place yourself in an environment that will cause you to grow in your gift.

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