Steve and Mary Prokopchak return to the podcast to discuss their practical manual on marriage, Staying Together, which features personal anecdotes and questions revolving around communication, intimacy, finances, and insecurities. Listen as the Prokopchaks share how they’ve personally worked alongside couples using the book and the inspiration behind its title.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Marriages are not islands.”
  • “We need people around us to help hold us accountable.”
  • “You can fight and argue or you can pray and agree.”
  • “As we pray through things, we find agreement.”


  • Staying Together can be used in a group setting, alongside another couple, or individually.
  • Memory minefields are memories from your past that can resurface once you’re married.
  • Don’t exclude people because of their ages. Couples of all ages can benefit from this post-martial book.
  • What is your mission as a married couple?
  • The six most important words in resolving conflict are “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

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