Steve Prokopchak and Larry Kreider discuss the importance of understanding our God-given identity, facing insecurities in our lives, preparing for leadership succession, and how to balance worship, work, rest, and play. Additionally, Steve advises how to conquer specific leadership conflicts, including when to seek outside help, how to prevent your ministry from becoming your mistress, and the effectiveness of using “We” rather than “I.”

Steve Prokopchak is a Christian family and marriage counselor with a Master’s degree in Human Services. Steve serves on the DOVE International Apostolic Council and the USA Council. He is the author of twelve books, including the newly released book Identity: The Distinctiveness of You. 

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Quotable Quotes:

  • “Who you think you should be is less than who you already are.” – Robert McGee
  • “We are called upon not to be successful but to be obedient.” – Mother Teresa

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