Tim Wenger joins Larry Kreider in the studio to share his leadership knowledge and explain the Moses model behind his house church network, The Hive Communities. Together, he and Larry explore how the decisions of our youth have leverage when we’re older and why managing and dealing with the fundamentals of our lives early on is necessary.

Tim Wenger and his wife, Angie, oversee The Hive Communities house church network based in Corvallis, Oregon. The Wengers were also the directors of The Mandate Discipleship School for 15 years until it closed in 2017. Additionally, Tim serves as the director of a 28-week post-high school program for young adults, known as The Riza Experience.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “If you’re a leader, people will follow.”
  • “The Lord isn’t trying to just take away the things that we want.”
  • “I’ve never been lacking in spiritual fathers.”
  • “You really need to know who you are.”


  • Listen to the Holy Spirit amidst following rules and guidelines.
  • It is okay to fail.
  • Wise men are willing to receive counsel and be corrected.

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