I am white and I am privileged. And in humility, I realize I need help to see the racism in my own life that I am blind to. I grieve over the racism, discrimination and white privilege that still exists in our country, in the church, and in many of our lives. I do not claim to understand what African American or Black American families feel when a loved one is murdered by police brutality due to the sin of racism.

A dear friend of ours, who is African American, shared with us a few days ago, “Am I fearful for my sons… I try not to be, but honestly, I don’t see how you can have a black son in this day and age and not at least have some concerns rolling around in the back of your mind. Have I taught them enough? Do they understand how important it is to respect authority? Yes, every time a case comes up like the George Floyd one, I stop and think, grieve, try to understand, and pray for protection over my sons and for the grieving hearts of the family who lost their loved one.”

I thought we came a long way in America regarding racism, discrimination and white privilege. But we still have so far to go. Please join me in receiving grace from our God to weep with those who weep, and to trust the Holy Spirit to reveal any racism in our own lives that we are unaware of. We must ask the Holy Spirit to search the recesses of our hearts and lives, then repent of any trace of the sin of racism! Only then can we genuinely help those who have lived with the pain of racism and discrimination. We must be open and tune our ears to hear…then listen compassionately. We can no longer tolerate, nor be apathetic towards racism within us or among us.

Every culture and people group has a redemptive purpose from God. We need to honor persons from every culture, color, and ethnicity. We are all equally loved and equally important to our amazing Heavenly Father. Men and women from every culture, made in the image of God, are all critically needed to stand together for us to experience the fulness of God’s glory in our generation.