Glenn & Shirley Eshelman on Finishing Well

Glenn and Shirley Eshelman return to the studio to share more leadership insights, including the impact of staying positive and the importance of knowing when to begin your succession process. Listen as they illustrate what it means to prepare the next generation and how to continue using your giftings after leaving your leadership role. Quotable [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 13

Joel Bomberger on Using Social Media to Spread the Gospel

Joel Bomberger returns to share how he uses social media to fulfill his ministry calling and how its success has led to numerous salvations and baptisms. In this episode, Joel divulges how he and his team follow up with recently converted Christians, how our teams can evolve and change over time, and how we can [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 12

Joel Bomberger on the Story behind the Jesus Rallies

Joel Bomberger makes his first appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to talk about his involvement with ministries and companies like Circuit Riders and Honest Media, which helped to mold him into the leader he is today. Listen as Joel discusses how his vision for the Jesus Rallies of Lancaster County became a reality, the passion Gen Z has [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 11

Dr. Peter Bunton on How Christianity Changed the World (Part II)

Dr. Peter Bunton and Larry Kreider continue their discussion about the lasting impacts Christians have made on society and the world as a whole. In this week's episode, they focus specifically on the areas of science, economics, human rights, and more.  Quotable Quotes: "We know God only through Jesus Christ." - Blaise Pascal "There is [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 10

Dr. Peter Bunton on How Christianity Changed the World (Part I)

Have you ever thought about Christianity's positive impact on the world around us? Dr. Peter Bunton shares how Christians have changed society for the better because they believed in the sanctity of life and had a biblical worldview. Listen as he and Larry discuss how Christianity has helped bring positive transformation on issues such as [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 9

Josh Good on Revival

Josh Good and Larry Kreider delve into the topic of revival and what it means to them. Listen as they share different revival movements throughout history, how humankind's nature is unsustainable, and the power of praying together. Quotable Quotes: "God's heart is for revival." "Each revival tends to happen within five to ten years of [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 8

Luke & Julie Weaver on Humility and Overcoming Insecurities

Luke and Julie Weaver join Larry Kreider once again in the studio to explain the importance of making time to be in God's presence, how destructive our insecurities can be, and how we serve the purposes of God through leadership. 4 Foundations of a Team: Values Vision Procedure Relationship Quotable Quotes: "Forgiveness frees us up [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 7

Bill & Val Landis on Being Available to God

Bill and Val Landis make their first appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to share the wisdom they've gained from over forty years in leadership. In this week's episode, the Landises elaborate on incredible instances where they've heard the voice of God, the burden of carrying borrowed offenses, and how we can misinterpret God's [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 6

Glenn & Shirley Eshelman on Being Refined by Fire

Glenn and Shirley Eshelman make their second appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to talk about the devastating fire of 1997 that destroyed their theatre, the Entertainment Centre. Listen as they explain how they were impacted and blessed by this incident, the difference between being a lifeboat versus a showboat, and how we can depend and [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 5

Lee DeMatos on Going Where the Fish Are

Lee DeMatos returns to the studio to explain his approach to bringing Christ into conversations and the power that comes from saying the name of Jesus. Listen as Lee and Larry Kreider discuss ways to share your faith that best represents God and removes any weirdness and awkwardness. Quotable Quotes: "You become like who disciples [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 4
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