Barry Wissler on How to Grow in Leadership

In today's episode, Dr. Barry Wissler, the founder and president of HarvestNet International, shares his leadership journey—from how his interest in theology began to what it was like starting a house church during the charismatic movement. Listen as he and Larry Kreider explore the importance of unity and healthy communication amongst a team, why having a [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 16

Wes Dudley on Generational Differences

Navigating the tension between different generational groups can sometimes feel like a minefield. How do we overcome the common frustrations that come with generational differences? In today's episode, Wes Dudley and Larry Kreider break down the distinctions between each generation and discuss the importance of building bridges between each age group with a spirit of [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 14

Kim Zimmerman on Following Your God-Given Vision

Kim Zimmerman, who pastors Shift Church with her husband, Brian, shares her leadership journey⁠—from growing up in the Pentecostal church to being the director and co-founder of CityGate Lancaster. Listen as Kim and Larry Kreider discuss why having the right team is vital, being fluid while following your God-given vision, the need for a servant's [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 13

Larry Kreider & Merle Shenk on the 12 Ds of the Devil

Larry Kreider and Merle Shenk discuss how the enemy tries to derail leaders, how to respond to unmet expectations and disappointments, and how freedom can be found by understanding basic biblical concepts. Listen as Larry shares his own experiences with burnout and describes the 12 Ds of the Devil. The devil comes to kill, steal [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 12

Duane Britton on How to Be a Lid-Lifting Leader

Duane Britton shares how he gave his life to the Lord as a young man and how pursuing God from that moment on changed his life. Listen as he explains the lessons he's learned from over four decades of service within both business and church leadership. Today, Duane Britton uses his life experience and wisdom [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 11

Dr. Peter Bunton on Healthy Leadership Succession

What happens to an organization or business when its leaders get older? What is leadership succession, and why is it important? How does theology shape succession? In today's episode, Dr. Peter Bunton, Director of DOVE Mission International, answers these necessary questions. Listen as he and Larry Kreider explain tacit knowledge, how to prepare incoming and [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 10

Larry Kreider & Merle Shenk on Transitions in Leadership

Larry Kreider has navigated many different transitional seasons—from his position in the megachurch he founded to the multiple team leadership roles he's taken on throughout decades of ministry. In today's episode, he and Merle Shenk, a pastor in his 40’s, who recently moved continents with his family, share key takeaways from their time in leadership. [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 9

Jimmy Nimon on Serving Others & Lessons in Leadership

Jimmy Nimon looks back on what it was like growing up in a non-Christian home, his life-changing encounter with God at 21 years old, and the seeds planted throughout his life to prepare him for his ministry today. Listen as he and Larry Kreider delve into his inspiring testimony, including his desire to be born [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 8

Deryl Hurst on Business & Ministry Leadership

Before taking on a pastoral role, Deryl Hurst started his own company and worked in the real estate business for many years, allowing him to gain valuable leadership skills. In today's episode, listen as Deryl recalls how he received a calling to ministry through a prophetic word as a young child and how God led [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 7

Steve Prokopchak on Identity: The Distinctiveness of You

Steve Prokopchak and Larry Kreider discuss the importance of understanding our God-given identity, facing insecurities in our lives, preparing for leadership succession, and how to balance worship, work, rest, and play. Additionally, Steve advises how to conquer specific leadership conflicts, including when to seek outside help, how to prevent your ministry from becoming your mistress, [...]

| Season 1 | Episode 6
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