Derek Dienner on MAKE/FILMS and Christ-Centered Leadership

Derek Dienner, the director and executive producer of MAKE/FILMS, makes his first appearance on the podcast to share what he's learned since founding the award-winning video production company nine years ago. Derek shares what it was like to work on projects including I Heard the Bells and Dismantling Democracy, how he's answering his call from God to tell stories through [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 29

Bobby Alger on Living a Changed Life

Bobby Alger makes his second appearance on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to explain how his heart for discipleship led to his latest book, Living a Changed Life. Bobby shares how having responsibility at a young age prepared him for leadership and how we can navigate differences of opinion. Three Questions for Team Building: Do they have [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 28

Bryan Stevenson on Romans 12’s Guidelines for Team Building

Bryan Stevenson returns to explain how the entire chapter of Romans 12 is a roadmap to building a healthy team and leading successfully. Bryan reminds us how everyone has a unique gifting from the Lord and why it's necessary to encourage those around us and regularly self-evaluate. Quotable Quotes: "The Kingdom principles are the best [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 27

Janet Sauder on the Cost of Quitting

Janet Sauder joins the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast to explain what she's learned throughout her leadership and ministry journey and how we can apply these principles. Janet shares what it was like to plant a church in Scotland, why you should stay in your lane, and how the cost of quitting is higher than persevering.  Janet Sauder [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 26

Brian Sauder on Understanding Role Preferences and Maximizing Your Team

In what role do you best function? Brian Sauder, director of the DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School, joins Larry Kreider in the studio to share insights from Bobb Biehl's Team Profile and examples of these principles found in the Bible. Brian explains the honor word for each of the five phases and how understanding your team's [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 25

Dave Hess on Having Hope Beyond Disappointment

Pastor Dave Hess makes his second appearance on the podcast to share the inspiration behind his book Hope Beyond Disappointment and what it means to have "outrageous joy" amid difficult seasons. Pastor Dave describes how he overcame PMS (post-ministry syndrome), what it means to live in a house of faith, and the biblical definition of hope. Quotable [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 24

Wanda Alger on Words to Pray By

Wanda Alger returns to talk about her latest book on prayer, Words to Pray By, which is divided into forty-two topics featuring scripture from both the Old and New Testaments. In today's episode, Wanda shares her experiences as a woman in leadership, the importance of sharing what God has put on your heart, and how comparison hinders [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 23

Steve & Mary Prokopchak on Building a Thriving and Lifelong Marriage

Steve and Mary Prokopchak return to the podcast to discuss their practical manual on marriage, Staying Together, which features personal anecdotes and questions revolving around communication, intimacy, finances, and insecurities. Listen as the Prokopchaks share how they've personally worked alongside couples using the book and the inspiration behind its title. Quotable Quotes: "Marriages are not [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 22

Charles & Anne Stock on Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Charles and Anne Stock, the senior pastors of Life Center Ministries in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, make their second appearance on the podcast to share how they release leaders in a healthy way. Listen as the Stocks describe the difference between pioneers and settlers and how God provides us with more than we need. Quotable Quotes: "Let each of [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 21

Bobby & Wanda Alger on Championing Each Other’s Gifts

Bobby and Wanda Alger make their first appearance on the podcast to share what they have learned about one another and themselves over more than thirty years together in leadership and ministry. Listen as they describe how their marriage has thrived despite having different gifts and how to honor what is on your partner’s heart. [...]

| Season 2 | Episode 20
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