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Training Christian leaders and ministers for over 25 years to find and fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

The DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School provides practical biblical training as well as Holy Spirit impartation and activation. Hundreds of graduates are now successfully engaging God’s call to the church and the marketplace. Our goal is to help you build a biblical foundation to be led by the Holy Spirit and pursue your God-given dreams. It has been our pleasure to partner with the Hopewell Apostolic Network of Churches for the last ten years. Begin now to fulfill a lifetime of leadership and ministry.

Ways to Learn

We offer a live classroom for you to attend where you can learn from teachers face-to-face. We also livestream from that classroom for you to join remotely with a group from your church or ministry. Our most flexible option is a completely online, on-demand video format of the school that you can access at your convenience from anywhere in the world.

If you desire to assemble a group or if you have a group that would like to form a team for the online format, please contact our registrar office ⟶

Course Themes

Destiny, Spiritual Gifts, and Leadership
Discover how to recognize spiritual gifts in yourself and others as you develop leadership skills.

Fivefold Ministry and New Testament Leadership
God’s plan for leadership and maturing His church is found in the New Testament model.

Helping People Find Freedom
Learn how to help people find freedom and wholeness in spirit, soul, and body.

Revival, the Bible, and Church History
Study, interpret, and proclaim the scriptures, and develop an appreciation for the lessons of church history.

Missions and Practical Ministry Skills
Learn the importance of missions, how to prepare, and God’s plan to finance missions.

Advanced Ministry Skills
Learn about God’s plan for a victorious, supernatural church and how you can be a part of it.

The Kingdom of God
Discover the many dynamic aspects of the gospel of the Kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

Church Planting Boot Camp
Training for church planting keeps the focus on always expanding the Kingdom.

Disciple-Making Communities
Spiritual families are the core building block for the Kingdom of God.

Meet the Instructors