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Online School

The DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School is also available online! The same great training that is available in classroom and livestream formats is also available on demand 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Through our online portal, students from any country and any time zone can now experience:

  • Dynamic online video training in ministry and leadership
  • Learn at your own pace—20 minutes per class
  • 216 classes taught by a broad spectrum of seasoned leaders
  • Access the content from anywhere in the world on any device

What to Expect

Global Access

The curriculum can be accessed on all personal computers and mobile devices. That means all nations, time zones, and future leaders of the world can gain global access anytime and anywhere.

Micro Learning

Our online modules utilize a micro learning technique built around a “smart chaos” framework that plays to the technological strengths and learning styles of individuals. Classes are short video segments that require a response after each class. Students can complete all 9 learning paths—24 classes each—at their own pace on their public transportation commute, at home, or on lunch break at their job.

Transformational Learning

This high-quality, Christian training school places a value on practical application and implementation. Although it a technology-based learning format, it gives the opportunity for online discussion and Q&A. This is transformational learning that raises up leaders and ministers to make a world impact.

DOVE International

Although there are many online Bible schools, DOVE has a unique brand in the church sector because of its emphasis on church planting, small groups, New Testament leadership, Christian character, and the fivefold ministry. This school emphasizes practical training and empowering for all believers to minister, not just a few elite clergy.

Student Connection

A DOVE International core value is to build the Kingdom of God by developing relationships. The online school offers fun “gaming concepts” that allow students to measure accomplishments and develop a friendly competition with other students. Discussion forums and Q&A platforms allow students to interact with other students, and assessments/tests are built in as well.

Students who desire an ongoing connection with DOVE International will be referred to the various international regional gatherings to build relationships with the leaders of the DOVE family.

School Instructors

It has been said, “You never take a class, you take a teacher.” In this school you will learn from practitioners who are still “doing it” and who will teach you how to “do it.” These men and women will encourage and empower you to find your place of fruitfulness in life, culture, and ministry.

Learn more about the instructors

Starting New Churches

This training invites students into a “learn and apply” process where they potentially could start a new church. The application of content will require them to build relationships beyond the school discussion and coaching with those in their circle of relationships.

Online Tuition

Gain access to all 216 classes for just $495 USD! You’ll have one year to complete all courses and can work at a pace that fits your schedule.

If you are a DOVE International church member, you can find out your discounted rate by filling out the form here

216 Courses in Total

Discover how to recognize spiritual gifts in yourself and others as you develop leadership skills.

God’s plan for leadership and maturing His church is found in the New Testament model.

Learn how to help people find freedom and wholeness – spirit, soul and body.

Study, interpret and proclaim the scriptures and develop an appreciation for the lessons of church history.

Learn the importance of missions, how to prepare and God’s plan to finance missions.

Learn about God’s plan for a victorious, supernatural church and how you can be a part of it.

Discover the many dynamic aspects of the gospel of the kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

Training for church planting keeps the focus on always expanding the kingdom.

Spiritual families are the core building block for the kingdom of God.

Meet the Instructors

It has been said, “You never take a class, you take a teacher.” In this school you will learn from practitioners who are still “doing it” and who will teach you how to “do it.” These men and women will encourage and empower you to find your place of fruitfulness in life, culture, and ministry.

Affiliated Schools

Wagner University Logo

Completion of the DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School will allow you to enter Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, Elim Bible Institute and College, and Wagner University with advanced standing toward degrees.

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial

It helped me to be more confident as a leader and helped me to think outside my box for sure.

Jennifer, Live Classroom Alumna
Student Testimonial

The thing that I’ve appreciated the most about this school is not just the depth of the teaching but the incredible humility of every one of the presenters.

Lori, Livestream Alumna
Student Testimonial

I was able to learn more on what I am capable of doing as a leader in my home, my church, and however God is calling me.

Rosa, Live Classroom Alumna

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Other Ways to Learn

If online doesn’t fit your learning style, don’t worry! Sign up for our live classroom or livestream programs to gain access to the same great content.

If you desire to assemble a group or if you have a group that would like to form a team for the online format, please contact our registrar office ⟶