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Classes are livestreamed from our school classroom in Pennsylvania on the second weekend of each month. This allows students to complete the school in groups at remote locations .

What to Expect

Fully Interactive!

A chat line and a text number are open for students to send in questions, testimonies and comments to the live classroom. All class handouts, tests, assignments and related materials will be sent electronically to the remote campus proctor for them to distribute to remote campus students. The Livestream will follow the schedule of the live DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School on Eastern Standard Time.

Each weekend will be led by an approved remote classroom proctor.

Livestream Proctor

A remote campus must have someone committed and approved to lead the site. For the responsibilities of a classroom proctor click here. To start a Livestream remote classroom, email Brian Sauder at

Livestream Locations

  • Agape, Marysville, Ohio
  • Hopewell Christian Fellowship, Telford, PA
  • The Fireplace, Myerstown, PA
  • TransformChurch, Reading, PA
  • Dwelling Place Worship Center, Philadelphia, PA

Livestream Tuition

The regular Livestream cost is $105 USD per individual each weekend. For groups of five or more establishing a remote campus, the cost is $95 USD per individual each weekend. There is also a $75 USD application fee.

Monthly tuition is discounted for DOVE or Hopewell Churches at $75 USD per individual and $65 USD per individual in groups of five or more.

Course Themes

Destiny, Spiritual Gifts and Leadership
Discover how to recognize spiritual gifts in yourself and others as you develop leadership skills.

Fivefold Ministry and New Testament Leadership
God’s plan for leadership and maturing His church is found in the New Testament model.

Helping People Find Freedom
Learn how to help people find freedom and wholeness – spirit, soul and body.

Revival, the Bible and Church History
Study, interpret and proclaim the scriptures and develop an appreciation for the lessons of church history.

Missions and Practical Ministry Skills
Learn the importance of missions, how to prepare and God’s plan to finance missions.

Advanced Ministry Skills
Learn about God’s plan for a victorious, supernatural church and how you can be a part of it.

Discovering the Kingdom of God
Discover the many dynamic aspects of the gospel of the kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

Church Planting Boot Camp
Training for church planting keeps the focus on always expanding the kingdom.

Reproducing Kingdom Communities
Spiritual families are the core building block for the kingdom of God.

Meet the Instructors

It has been said, “You never take a class, you take a teacher”. In this school you will learn from practitioners who are still doing it and who will teach you how to do it. These men and women will encourage and empower you to find your place of fruitfulness in life, culture and ministry.

Affiliated Schools

Wagner University Logo
Chesapeake Bible Logo

Completion of the DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School will allow you to enter Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary, and Wagner University with advanced standing toward degrees.

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial

It helped me to be more confident as a leader and helped me to think outside my box for sure.

Jennifer, Live Classroom Alumni
Student Testimonial

The thing that I’ve appreciated the most about this school is not just the depth of the teaching but the incredible humility of every one of the presenters.

Lori, Livestream Alumni
Student Testimonial

I was able to learn more on what I am capable of doing as a leader in my home, my church and however God is calling me.

Rosa, Live Classroom Alumni

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Other Ways to Learn

If the Livestream doesn’t fit your learning style, don’t worry! Sign up for our Live Classroom or Online programs to gain access to the same great content.

If you desire to assemble a group or if you have a group that would like to form a team for the online format, please contact our registrar office ⟶