Doug Lehman joins us in the studio to share his leadership journey and the valuable mistakes he’s learned along the way. Listen as Doug and Larry Kreider talk about what it means to establish a culture of honor, how to juggle strengths and weaknesses, and why you should avoid passive-aggressive communication.

Doug Lehman is the lead elder of Overflow Community Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He serves on the DOVE USA East Coast Regional Leadership Team. Doug and his wife, Jen, have three children.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Leader, know thyself.”
  • “Don’t defend the indefensible.”
  • “Intimacy inspires creativity and originality.”
  • “Familiarity will breed contempt.”
  • “The only perfect leader is Jesus.”
  • “The Kingdom will expand at the pace of honor.”


  • Be available as a leader.
  • There is usually a nugget of truth in any critique. Use criticism as an opportunity to grow.
  • Choose which resources you are learning from wisely.

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