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International Leadership Conference 2019

Session 1: Shawn Bolz
Session 2: Larry and LaVerne Kreider
Session 3: Shawn Bolz
Session 4: Shawn Bolz
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Cheree Shenk
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Jeff Hoglen
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Philip Omondi
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Craig and Tracie Nanna
Session 6 DOVE Talk: Josh Good
Session 6 DOVE Talk: Nick Wilson
Session 6 DOVE Talk: Connie Dienner
Session 6 DOVE Talk: Justo Llecllish
Session 7: Dave Hess Men and Women in Leadership: A Biblical Perspective


Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom Potent Companions of the Holy Spirit: Bobby Alger
Vibrant Youth Ministry: Developing a Generational Pipeline: Brian and Janet Sauder
Balancing Work and Church Leadership:  Doug Lehman
Capitalizing on Conflict to Strengthen Relationships:  Duane and Reyna Britton
Practical Prophetic:  Erin Herndon
Prophetic Action in Prayer:  Ibrahim Omondi
Transition Zone: A Place to Meet God:  Keith Yoder
Healing is God’s Will:  Kevin Kazemi
God is in the Miracle Business:  Lee DeMatos
Experiencing the Supernatural in House Churches:  Mark Sarrasin
Intentionally Setting the Culture of Your Church: Merle Shenk
Training Children’s Workers Empowering for discipleship both here and there: Nancy Fritz
The Devastating Effects of Pornography and Helping Others Find Freedom:  Steve Prokopchak
Living Naturally Supernatural: Tony Fitzgerald

International Leadership Conference 2019 Videos here

International Leadership Conference 2018

Session 1a  Craig Nanna
Session 1b:  Merle Shenk
Session 2:  Larry and LaVerne Kreider
Session 3 DOVE Talk: Justin Shrum
Session 3 DOVE Talk: Diane Omondi
Session 3 DOVE Talk: Kevin Kazemi
Session 3 DOVE Talk: Sammie Nalla
Session 4: Robert Henderson
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Wes Dudley
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Danail Tanev
Session 5 DOVE Talk: Hesbone Odindo
Session 5 DOVE Talk:  Kelli Martin
Session 6:  Robert Henderson
Session 7:  Robert Henderson
Tuesday Senior Elders Meeting:  Peter Greer

Acceleration of an Advancing Kingdom:  Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald
Raising Up Five-fold Ministers in the Local House:  Wanda Alger
Practical Sermon Preparation:   Joe Ford
How Every Believer Can Experience the Supernatural:  Kevin Kazemi and Merle Shenk
The Global Impact of Planting and Multiplying House Churches:  Chad Miller and Ram Lian
Church Planting, Missions and Income Generation:  Julio Rodriquez
Ideas for Effective Small Groups for Our Generation: Tools for Growing Small Groups:  Allen Dise, Dave and Connie Dienner and Tihomir Tenev
Preaching About Controversial Current Events:  Tom Barnett
How to Help a Church Planter:  Merle Shenk
Preparing Our Churches for Succession in Leadership:   Keith Yoder and Reyna Britton
Succession Workshop Notes

International Leadership Conference 2018 Videos here

International Leadership Conference 2017

Session 1 – Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald
Session 2 – Larry and LaVerne Kreider
Session 3 – Jim Yost
Session 4 – Jim Yost
Session 5 – Keith Yoder
Session 6 – DOVE Talks with Tracie Nanna, Merle Shenk, Ibrahim Omondi, Mission Focus with Peter Bunton, Diane Omondi and Lynn Ironside
Session 7 – Jim Yost

The Luke 10 Adventure and the Discovery Game – Jim Yost
Healthy Sex in Marriage – Duane and Reyna Britton
Counseling Resource: Introducing the Arno Profile System; Christian counseling tool – Tihomir and Dimka Tanev
Pastors, Prophets and Intercessors…Bridging the Gap – Bobby and Wanda Alger
More on the Kingdom Message – Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald
Finding Freedom: Becoming whole and living free – Craig and Tracie Nanna
Writing for Publication – Sarah Sauder and Diane Omondi Download handout
How to Share your Faith and Practical Disciple-making – Dirk and Hanneke Develing
How to Revitalize Your Church – Deryl Hurst and Allen Dise
Partnering in Leadership as Men and Women – Keith Yoder

International Leadership Conference 2016

Session 1 Kevin Kazemi
Session 2 Steve and Michelle Addison
Session 3a Craig Nanna and Hesbone Odindo
Session 3b Steve and Michelle Addison
Session 4 Larry and LaVerne Kreider
Session 5 DOVE Talks with Tom Barnett and Dirk and Hanneke Develing and Mission Focus
Session 6 DOVE Global Leadership Panel

Multiplying Disciples and Churches: What to Do on Monday Morning Session #1 – Steve and Michelle Addison
Assessing the Life Cycle of Your Church: Taking it to the Next Level– Duane and Reyna Britton
Presence-based Leadership – Keith Yoder
Multiplying Disciples and Churches: What to Do on Monday Morning Session #2 – Steve and Michelle Addison
Reaching and Involving Millennials in Church Life – Brian Sauder
Unleashing the Power of the Voice of God in Your Home, Your Ministry and Your World – Dan B