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International Leadership Conference 2019

Session 1: Shawn Bolz

Session 2: Larry and LaVerne Kreider

Session 3: Shawn Bolz

Session 4: Shawn Bolz

Session 5 DOVE Talk: Cheree Shenk

Session 5 DOVE Talk: Jeff Hoglen

Session 5 DOVE Talk: Philip Omondi

Session 5 DOVE Talk: Craig and Tracie Nanna

Session 6 DOVE Talk: Josh Good

Session 6 DOVE Talk: Nick Wilson

Session 6 DOVE Talk: Connie Dienner

Session 6 DOVE Talk: Justo Llecllish

Session 7: Dave Hess Men and Women in Leadership: A Biblical Perspective


Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom Potent Companions of the Holy Spirit: Bobby Alger

Vibrant Youth Ministry: Developing a Generational Pipeline: Brian and Janet Sauder

Balancing Work and Church Leadership: Doug Lehman

Capitalizing on Conflict to Strengthen Relationships: Duane and Reyna Britton

Practical Prophetic: Erin Herndon

Prophetic Action in Prayer: Ibrahim Omondi

Transition Zone: A Place to Meet God: Keith Yoder

Healing is God’s Will: Kevin Kazemi

God is in the Miracle Business: Lee DeMatos

Experiencing the Supernatural in House Churches: Mark Sarrasin

Intentionally Setting the Culture of Your Church: Merle Shenk

Training Children’s Workers Empowering for discipleship both here and there: Nancy Fritz

The Devastating Effects of Pornography and Helping Others Find Freedom: Steve Prokopchak

Living Naturally Supernatural: Tony Fitzgerald

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