24/7 Prayer Watch

Our vision is to provide a prayer covering for the DOVE family around the world every hour of every day of the week. Prayer is a core value to extending God’s kingdom. We practice a lifestyle of prayer by praying for each other. Join with us as we pray for DOVE family around the world!

What is the Prayer Watch?

The Prayer Watch is a plan to cover the DOVE family in prayer by intercessors who have a heart to pray. It is organized by Prayer Generals enlisting for a segment of time each week, working together with other Prayer Generals to give 24/7 prayer coverage.

Prayer Generals

A Prayer General solicits volunteers to pray during a specific four-hour time slot each week. Their willingness to find Prayer Warriors to help cover a time slot is essential for the Watch to be complete. Each partner church is encouraged to have at least one Prayer General. Check the Prayer Journal for a list of Generals who faithfully serve. We currently need eight more generals.


Prayer Warriors

A Prayer Warrior commits to pray for the DOVE family during a specific time slot each week in cooperation with a Prayer General.

The Prayer Journal

The Prayer Journal is a guide to pray for partner churches, regional apostolic councils and ministries. Anyone may use this journal to pray for the DOVE family worldwide, whether or not they are part of the Prayer Watch. The Prayer Journal is available online to download and print. For details, contact Nelson Martin.

Prayer Updates

Prayer Updates are sent regularly with additional prayer information. To receive these updates contact your church leadership or send an email request to Nelson Martin.

Join us in praying for the DOVE family!

For details, contact Nelson Martin.