Pray for DOVE Africa

Ibrahim & Diane Omondi
DOVE Africa Apostolic Team Leaders

Pray for wisdom for the Africa Apostolic Council as they seek to include younger leaders and continue to give guidance and apostolic covering to national, regional and church leaders in Africa. The Council includes Ibrahim and Diane, Ephraim Tumusiime and Hesbone and Violet Odindo.

Pray that:

  • We will experience revival and steward well the fields of ministry that God has given us.
  • Construction plans for a prayer room of The DOVE Centre will be approved by Nairobi City Council so that construction can begin.
  • Mentoring and multiplication will take place at all levels of ministry.
  • Gatherings both in person and online, will help to build a sense of family and belonging across the nations of DOVE Africa.

Africa Fivefold Trans-Local Ministries

These trans-local (traveling) ministers are recognized and commissioned to minister according to Holy Spirit’s anointing. They are available for ministry in cell groups or other church ministries.

  • Philip Mugabi – Prophetic ministry
  • James Mwendwa – Teaching ministry
  • Hesbone Odindo – Apostolic ministry
  • Diane Omondi – Teaching ministry
  • Ibrahim Omondi – Apostolic ministry
  • Ephraim Tumusiime – Apostolic ministry
  • Charles Wanyama – Apostolic ministry


Glory of the Word House International Church
José & Camila Humberto: Maputo

Thank God for the present movement of God and the zeal for God’s work in the hearts of the members of our church. Thank God for grace to endure persecutions for righteousness’ sake and Christ.

Pray for:

  • the leaders to receive more wisdom to lead the congregation after the Lord’s heart and to know how and what to do in every specific area of the work of God for the effective building of the church.
  • those who minister the Word (church leaders, including cell leaders) to have favor with those who hear the Word as they preach or teach, so that the Word is received and glorified.
  • an abundant manifestation of the Holy Spirit and His gifts for the edification of the congregation, especially in evangelism.
  • an increase of partners to advance the work of God. We are trusting God to acquire a truck to use to transport equipment, a platform for open-air evangelistic crusades, and a vehicle to transport teams to different areas of the country.
  • the brethren to be strengthened and confirmed in the Truth so that they do not go astray.
  • the raising of fervent disciples, with their minds and hearts enlightened to do the will of the Lord in His work.
  • a financial increase and met needs in the individual lives of the brethren in general.


DOVE Fellowship Church
Mark & Rachael Gotts: Tanga

God spoke to us to concentrate on our hometown of Tanga and He would give us growth. We have been amazed to see God at work. A church that started in October of last year is now overflowing. Around 100 people in the area are meeting regularly in different locations.

  • Pray for guidance and God’s power as we plan to plant more house churches.
  • Pray for those who are seeking the Lord; some are being discipled and others are in the process of making a decision. Pray especially for a friend of ours who recently came to Christ and is sharing about Christ in his community. Pray that God’s Word will continue to spread.
  • Since holding a Christmas outreach, many doors have opened to see an entire community change. We are starting to work with the government on several projects. Pray for God to lead us and for divine partnerships.
  • In an expanding ministry with children and young people, we are finding some desperate needs. This year, we are sponsoring six children to attend school, and we plan to rent a house for a group of abandoned children. Pray for wisdom, direction, and provision for this need.
  • Learn more about what God is doing on our DOVE Tanzania website.

My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare. Psalm 25:15 NIV