Pray for DOVE Uganda

Ephraim & Joyce Tumusiime
DOVE Uganda Apostolic team leaders

Philip Mugabi, Fred Byarufu, Linus Bob Duma, and Mark Ndyagasha serve as apostolic team members.

  • Thank God for safe travel for apostolic leaders to visit churches in some parts of the nation during 2022.
  • Thank God for new churches willing to take steps to affiliate, which will expand influence of the Kingdom of God nationwide.

Pray with the Uganda Apostolic team for:

  • anointing and provision for the apostolic leaders to oversee and train our partner church leaders
  • leaders to be trained and released to start new churches
  • the DOVE Uganda Leadership School to impact our goals for church growth
  • the Lord to enable more churches to purchase their own land
  • the Lord to enable us to affiliate with ministries willing to learn DOVE values.

Abira Abira DCF
Agabus & Margret Ekwatu: Kaberamaido

Thank God for:

  • a borehole that we received for our community through Touch Africa Now. It is serving over 200 households!

Pray for:

  • the Lord to raise up serious believers that are willing to serve
  • Agabus’s house to be rebuilt that was destroyed in a rainstorm
  • the construction of our new church building and school to be completed
  • more people to be saved.

Antioch Worship Centre DOVE Church
Mungufeni Zena: Vurra

Pray the Lord:

  • will raise up a strong leadership team
  • will start a nursery school for our community
  • will identify the youth to train for leadership
  • causes the branch churches to grow strong
  • will help believers to identify their spiritual gifts.

Arua Worship Center DOVE Church
Bob Linus & Peace Duma: Arua

Pray for the:

  • provision from the Lord to purchase land for our church
  • Lord to meet the needs of our widows and orphans
  • Lord to raise up more leaders for the harvest
  • Lord to meet the needs of a couple that recently accepted Christ and were then expelled from their Muslim community
  • provision for our agricultural projects planned to help the needy.

Buduuda DCF
Sam & Margaret Kuloba: Mbale

  • Pray God will protect our community from frequent landslides on the slopes of Mount Elgon.
  • Pray our church will be a witness to many in this needy area.
  • Pray for a public address system.

Bugolobi DCF
Roy Binomugisha: Kiruhuura

Pray for:

  • directions from Holy Spirit to start new cell groups
  • a strong leadership team to serve together
  • the religious spirit that has a strong influence in our community to be broken
  • members of our church to grow spiritually and serve as witnesses to the lost.

Bushika DCF
Simon & Florence Malele: Mbale

  • Pray for protection against landslides, as the church is on Mount Elgon.
  • Pray we expand our vision to start more cell churches.
  • Pray for new believers to learn the ways of God.

Bweyale DCF
Peter Kidaga: Kiryandongo

  • Pray for the strengthening of intercession and evangelism.
  • Pray for the strength unity in the church.
  • Pray for the completion of the church building.

Chopelwor DCF
Dennis and Flavia Balija: Kiryandongo

  • Pray that they will complete their building.
  • Pray more people in our region will be saved by the power of Christ.
  • Pray more in the body of Christ will desire to serve the Lord.
  • Pray God will give us favor in the surrounding community, not to despise the pastor that he is young.

DOVE Church Amazing Grace Worship Center
Christopher: Arua

Pray for:

  • the completion of Pastor Christopher’s training
  • the release of the church land
  • the completion of the roofing of the church.

DOVE Church Etoko Worship Center
Moses: Maracha

Pray for:

  • the growth of the church holistically
  • a public address system
  • the children’s Sunday school teacher to be raised
  • the kindergarten project to grow.

DOVE Church Kakumiro
Akampurira Erisa: Kakumiro

  • Pray for the salvation of more people in our community.
  • Pray that believers will grow stronger in the Lord.
  • Pray for provision for our pastor.

DOVE Church Kyempiri
Herbert Tumwebaze: Kyankwanzi

  • Pray the fire of evangelism will keep burning throughout the community.
  • Pray we may learn the vision for cell groups and leaders may emerge in effective ministry.

DOVE Church Mabombwel
Betty Nsubuga

  • Thank God for the completion of the church floor and the connection to the electricity supply.
  • Pray members will grow in the knowledge of the Word.
  • Pray for a financial breakthrough for the pastor’s children.

DOVE Church Namanve
Simon Peter & Julian Mugbai: Mukono

  • Pray for growth and provision of church.
  • Pray that the believers will be strengthened in their faith.

DOVE Church Namungoona
Philip & Susan Mugbai: Kampala

Pray for spiritual revival in the lives of the believers.

Pray for provision for the completion of the church floor and paving of the road to the building.

DOVE Church Ocea Worship Center
Linus & Peace: Rhino Refugee Camp

  • Pray that the leaders will soon receive training.
  • Thank God some refugees are being saved.
  • Pray for the discipleship program directed at refugee youth who have dropped out of school.
  • Pray for our vision of setting up a tailoring school to train the refugees.
  • Pray for funds to roof the church and develop the church land.

DOVE Ebenezer Church Najjemba
Charles & Sarah Kalyango: Wakiso

  • Pray the Lord will save more people.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up a good leadership team to run with our vision.
  • Pray the Lord will connect us to the electricity supply.

Eden Baptist Church
Phinehas & Grace Adaku: Arua

  • Pray more people will be saved.
  • Pray for the church plant in the D.R. Congo.
  • Pray for Phinehas’s family to be healed from sickness.

Eden DCF
Dan & Agnes Nuwagaba: Kamwengye

  • Pray for prosperity in the community.
  • Pray the Lord will save more people.
  • Pray people will desire the things of God and join a cell group.

Enengo DCF
Charles Rwabirungi: Kanungu

  • Pray we remain united and growing as a church in revival.
  • Pray that signs, miracles, and wonders will draw unbelievers to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray people will join a cell group.

Gilgil Worship Center
Victor & Esther Edema: Arua

  • Pray the Lord will give us opportunity to start a rehabilitation training school for juveniles.
  • Pray for grace to minister through mercy ministries.

Gospel Aroma Healing Ministry
Geoffrey & Sharon Kasiita: Kampala

  • Pray for spiritual growth of the members.
  • Pray for the provision of church land.
  • Pray for more salvation and transformation of the youth.
  • Pray the Lord to provide a public address system for the church.

Jehovah Shammah DCF
Godfrey Twesigye: Kiryandongo

  • Pray God will provide land.
  • Pray the Lord will meet the needs of this church plant.

Kabong DCF
Fred Adukule: Kabong

  • Pray that Fred may cross the cultural differences in his ministry.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up people to join the leadership team.

Kakaari DCF
Mark & Sadras Ndyagasha: Rubirizi

  • Thank God for providing a building for our church to meet.
  • Resources for a medical clinic, a nursery, and primary school.
  • Pray for healing of Sadras’s heart condition.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up leaders for more churches to start.

Kalagala DCF
Charles Ngubili: Kyankwanzi

  • Pray the Lord will provide a plot to construct a church building upon.
  • Pray many will receive the gospel as we proclaim.
  • Pray the Lord will give us unity as an effective leadership team.

Kalungami DCF
Moses & Jenifer Batwala: Jinja

  • Pray we have the Lord’s favor.
  • Pray for people to be saved.
  • Pray the Lord will provide finances to purchase land.

Kamengo DCF
Herbert Tumwebaze: Fort Portal

  • Thank God for growth as new church plant.
  • Thank God for the miracles the Lord is performing.
  • Pray for the church to own our own land.

Kampala DCF
Philip & Susan Mugabi: Kampala City

  • Pray for increased manifestation of the power of God.
  • Pray for provision for ministry and needs of ministers.
  • Pray for more churches to be birthed.

Kanyogoga DCF
Hellen Nuwagaba & Charles Aluku: Gulu

  • Pray for provision for the pastor’s family.
  • Pray the Lord will strengthen us with His Word.
  • Pray for completion of our church building.
  • Pray more people will be saved.

Kateramo DCF
Dennis & Peace Kyamukaraata: Rukungiri

  • Pray more people will catch the cell vision.
  • Pray the Lord will provide for construction of a building.

Katumba DCF
Masindi and Kajura Mudiyai

  • Pray the Lord will provide land.
  • Pray for more people to be saved.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up more leaders.

Katurikire DCF
Alfred & Sarah Agenonga: Kiryandongo

  • Pray for the stability of the leadership.
  • Pray for resources to complete the plastering of the church building.
  • Pray for stable marriages in the church.
  • Pray for Bibles in our local language.

Kiberenge DCF
Edward & Christine Byamukama: Kiryandongo

  • Pray for completion of construction of the church building.
  • Pray for salvation of more people.
  • Pray we will be able to reach more young people.
  • Pray the Lord will enable us to start income-generating projects.

Kibungo DCF
Kesande Midiansi: Kabale

  • Pray the cell vision will be embraced.
  • Pray more people will receive salvation.
  • Pray the Lord will strengthen the leadership team.

Kiduburi DCF
Herbert & Peace Tumwebaze: Fort Portal

Pray for:

  • land to purchase for the church
  • wrangles caused by other churches that are envious of our work
  • God to raise leaders that will participate in the expansion of the Kingdom
  • healing of the pastor’s family after their recent loss of their child
  • the needs of the pastor to be able to preach the gospel beyond his region.

Kigarama DCF
Gerald & Precious: Kanungu

  • Pray more people will be saved and added to our membership.
  • Pray that Gift’s family will experience peace.

Kikandwa DCF
Isaac Habarelimana: Wakiso

  • Pray for the financial prosperity of members.
  • Pray against false prophets and teachings in the community.
  • Pray we see more people saved.
  • Pray for an income-generating project for the pastor.

Kinyomozi DCF
Joseph & Faith Bakoba: Kiryandongo

  • Pray people will spread the Word of God.
  • Pray more members will commit themselves to a cell group.
  • Pray the leaders may receive more Bible knowledge.

Kulu Worship Centre DOVE Church
Madelina Ejulu: Vurra

  • Pray for construction of our building.
  • Pray we will overcome religious oppression in our region.
  • Pray for the provision of farm tools and equipment for our church project.

Kwera DCF
Fred Okudi: Dokolo

  • Pray for new believers to be added to our church.
  • Pray for the new leaders serving on the elder team.

Kyanuuna DCF
Sarah Mazzi: Kiboga

  • Pray for land and construction of a building.
  • Pray believers will stay rooted in the church.

Kyanyambari Muziizi DCF
John: Kyegeegwa

  • Thank God for the small plot of land where we now meet for worship.
  • Pray that more people will be saved.
  • Pray for our members to desire the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide for the pastor and family.

Kyembera DCF
Dennis & Evis Odoch: Kiryandongo

  • Pray we reach out to the disabled and the lost in our neighborhood.
  • Pray for us to finish construction of our building.
  • Pray for the cell group vision to be embraced.
  • Pray for the women’s pig and chicken project, Savings Plan, to be successful.

Layibi DCF
Deogratious & Rose Kisembo: Gulu

  • Pray the leaders will be strengthened and receive more training.
  • Pray God will deliver his people from the spirit of Kony and from witchcraft.
  • Pray God provides land.

Maburu DCF
Magdalena Ejuru: Arua

  • Pray for completion of building construction.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up leaders for our church.
  • Pray that we minister to youth, widows, and elderly.
  • Pray more souls will respond to the gospel to be saved.
  • Pray the Lord will provide Bibles in our local language.

Mengo DCF
Amon Akanjuna: Kampala City

  • Thank God for new members God is adding.
  • Pray God will give us a plot of land.
  • Pray our leadership will be strong.
  • Pray for financial prosperity of our members.

Migina DOVE
Samel & Night Tumwebaze: Kabwohe

  • Pray the Lord will raise up strong leaders.
  • Pray our church may own a piece of land.
  • Pray that income will increase for members.

Mukyogo DCF
Peter Arinaitwe: Kabaale

  • Thank God for the salvation and deliverance of many people.
  • Pray people will be discipled.
  • Pray God will perform miracles, signs, and wonders.
  • Pray people will join cell groups.

Muyenga DCF
Silver & Peace Bangirana: Rubirizi

  • Pray the Lord will raise up strong leaders.
  • Pray the church may own land.
  • Pray that income for members will increase.

Nalondo DCF
John & Juliet Wakhlowa: Mbale

  • Pray God will provide resources for completion of our building construction using burnt brick.
  • Pray the Lord will bring unity and give us power to do door-to-door evangelism.

Namakweekwe DCF
Patrick & Evelyn Giumi: Mbale

  • Pray God will provide resources to buy land and a sound system.
  • Pray the Lord will meet the needs of Patrick’s family.
  • Pray God will enable us to start income-generating projects.

Namayumba DCF
Patrick Omwene: Wakiso

  • Pray for provision of land and a public address system for church
  • Pray for financial provision for Patrick’s family.

Nashimolo DCF
Paul & Agnes Shipanga: Mbale

  • Thank God for people getting saved.
  • Pray the Lord will provide resources for construction of a building and to purchase a sound system.

New Life Church Namayumba
Kasumba George: Wakiso

Pray for:

  • provision of public address system for outdoor meetings
  • numerical growth of the church
  • purchase of land for church.

Nfasha DCF
Godie Owomugabe: Kabaale

  • Thank God for the power of healing, miracles, and wonders.
  • Pray for strong leadership to be built here.
  • Pray for provision of buildings and teachers for our school.
  • Pray for people to tithe and join a cell group.

Nkongoro DCF
Mrs. Allen Muganga: Ntungamo

  • Thank God for reconstruction of our building.
  • Pray the Lord will raise a strong leadership team.
  • Pray more men are touched by the gospel.
  • Pray the Lord will enable us to start more cell groups and churches.

Nyakagando DCF
Amnon Rwolekya: Kiryandongo

  • Pray we will develop a hunger for God.
  • Pray for expansion of our ministry into northern Uganda.
  • Pray for the quick renovation of the church.
  • Pray for the provision of new Bibles in Runyoro and English.

Nyakahaama DCF
Partick Bwanakweeri: Kamwengye

  • Pray for Patrick to be healed and his children to receive an education.
  • Pray for the new Christians to desire to grow in the things of God.
  • Pray we will learn to meet in cell groups.

Nyakarongo DCF
Patrick Bakanyendaki: Masindi

  • Pray we may begin construction for our church building.
  • Pray for our people to have faith for miracles.
  • Pray for more people to receive salvation.

Nyarurambi DCF
Gilgori Mbisimirwa: Kamwengye

  • Pray for unity in the body and for the Lord to raise up a strong united leadership team.
  • Pray against the spirit of confusion.
  • Pray for more salvations.
  • Pray members will understand the vision of the church.

Nyatokye DCF
Elisa Akamapurira: Kibaale

  • Pray for the ongoing construction of our church building.
  • Pray for revived prayer life for the believers and they will learn the blessing to tithe.
  • Pray more people will be saved.
  • Pray against the vagabond spirit.

Okollo DOVE Church
Kenneth Adurapi: Arua

  • Pray for revival in our church.
  • Pray against the spirit of witchcraft and spirit of alcoholism in the community.

Oleba DOVE Church
Moses Afayo: Arua

  • Pray for wisdom, favor, and development of a strong leadership team.

Open Love Community Church Bujjuko
Andrew & Janet Kawulira: Wakiso

  • Pray for more salvations in our community.
  • Pray for the Lord’s financial provision for the needs of Andrew’s family.
  • Pray for the Lord’s favor to expand our land we use for meeting as a church.
  • Pray for the multiplication of more cell groups and new leaders to rise up.

Oraba Worship Center
Robert Ezama: Koboko

  • Pray for land and a building.
  • Pray for wisdom and strategy to evangelize.
  • Pray for an elementary and adult literacy school to launch.
  • Pray for the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Pray against the religious and traditional spirits.
  • Pray for faithful and committed workers.

Rubona DCF
Jackson & Hilda Byeiguru: Kamwengye

  • Thank God for new churches in our region.
  • Pray we may start more cells.
  • Pray we learn to witness to nonbelievers effectively.
  • Pray for unity and strength.

Rwobuhura DCF
Godfrey & Magret Katakanya: Kiruhuura

  • Pray for the completion of our church building.
  • Pray the Lord will save more people from a religious spirit.
  • Pray the Lord will teach us how to start and lead cell groups.
  • Pray we plant new churches this year.

Salt and Light DCF
Nelson Oboli: Soroti

  • Pray more people will be saved.
  • Pray for provision of resources for land, sound equipment, and an office.
  • Pray we may start some income-generating projects to support widows and orphans.

Uluppi Worship Centre-DOVE
Richard Okaa: Vurra

  • Pray for people to receive salvation.
  • Pray for wisdom, leadership, and support for Richard and family.
  • Pray God will send a medical team to demonstrate the love of Jesus.
  • Pray against the divisive spirit of tribalism.

World for Christ Evangelical Church
Mable Gongoma: Mbarara

  • Thank God for the people He is saving.
  • Pray for the leadership to be strong and united.
  • Pray the Lord will meet the needs of the families of our congregation.