Pray for DOVE South Africa

Merle & Cheree Shenk
DOVE South Africa Apostolic Team leaders

Kevin and Mariella Kazemi, Nigel and Samantha Okkers, and Brian and Janet Sauder, form the South Africa Apostolic Team.

  • Pray for the churches to continue to grow as they experience a fresh fire for evangelism and outreach.
  • Pray for continued expansion in each church and more churches to be planted.
  • Pray for good solutions for buildings for each church.
  • Pray for more disciples of Jesus to be raised up; pray for leaders to be raised, empowered, and released.

House of Praise
Nigel & Samantha Okkers: Cape Town

Pray for:

  • grace to grow – to trust God to see new salvations, new families added, new small groups (living rooms) started, new church plants, new buildings, and to be faithful with what God has already provided
  • a vibrant community of obedient believers that walk by faith and that will arise and shine
  • a culture of living the Kingdom of God – every believer equipped to do the work of ministry, to walk and experience the supernatural, to walk and stay in freedom and obedience
  • faith, courage, and boldness to raise up faithful sons (men and women) that will become spiritual parents to believers.

Shiloh Community Church
Colin & Lara Bothma: Cape Town

  • Pray for deeper intimacy and understanding of who we are to/in God, thereby growing our faith to be more effective in the Kingdom of God as His ambassadors.
  • Pray for the activating of each member’s gifts and for each member to become actively involved in church life and to bring in the harvest through discipleship (spiritual mothering and fathering).
  • Pray we will be focused on the call of the Lord, steadfast in our pursuit of Him and His Kingdom, and that we will spread the love of our Lord as we partake in it.
  • Pray for Father God’s protection over all of us.

Soul Winners Center
Million & Rahab Mudengezerwa: Mafikeng

We would like to thank the DOVE construction team from Newport Church, USA, and Shiloh Community Church, Cape Town, South Africa, who came to assist in our church building construction in March 2020. Our youth was encouraged by the presence of two young girls (Rylee, 15 yrs. and Eylse, 16 yrs.) who worked. We will forever be grateful for the prayers and support from the DOVE family.

Pray for:

  • the construction completion of our church building
  • more souls to be added to our church
  • Rahab to be employed permanently by the Department of Health
  • our daughter, Tumelo, who is studying at the university. She needs funding to complete her studies.

“By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me – a prayer to the God of my life” Psalm 42:8 NIV