Pray for DOVE Kenya

Hesbone & Violet Odindo
DOVE Kenya Apostolic Team leaders

The Kenya Apostolic Team members include William Munyanya, James and Truphosa Mwendwa, Ibrahim and Diane Omondi, and Charles and Rose Wanyama. Pray an anointing of the Spirit of God upon the team to activate the expansion of the Kingdom of God in our nation.

In Kenya, the effect of COVID-19 was more severe during village celebrations. Most people lost their businesses and pastors lost their income due to closure of markets and church services. During the same time, in the eastern region, ten new church plants started. We give God all the glory for the normalcy right now, though things are not a hundred percent.

Eastern Region

Julius & Peninah Kithokoi
Apostolic Regional Leaders

We praise God for the favor He has shown us in our region. We have planted several churches by the grace of God in the middle of the pandemic.

Pray for:

  • financial breakthrough in all our celebrations
  • provision and safety for pastors’ families
  • training for leaders and our church-planting plans for this year.

DOVE Kathalani
Benedict & Elizabeth Muasa

  • Praise God for enabling us to complete our building.
  • Pray for growth and multiplication.

DOVE Kimua
Boniface & Margaret Mutunga

  • Praise God for the restoration of the lost and healing miracles in the body!
  • Pray for provision to rebuild our celebration center, which was destroyed by heavy rains.

DOVE Kyasila
Julius & Peninah Kithokoi

  • We thank God for unity and protection among the saints in very uncertain times.
  • Pray for peace and good resolution to a dispute regarding some trees that were destroyed on our church property. Pray that God’s name will be honored and glorified in all the discussions.

Kithika Kiseo DCF
Francis & Naomi Mulei

  • Praise God for providing land where we can build a meeting place for church.
  • Praise the Lord for enabling us to start meeting again despite the pandemic.
  • Pray for financial breakthrough.

Lukenya DCF
John & Mary Mwanzia

  • We thank the LORD for enabling us to plant in 2020!
  • Pray for us to be more passionate for God and to multiply.

DOVE Mithini
Jacqueline Mumo

  • We thank God for enabling us to build a new sanctuary.
  • We have a vision to establish a health center in our church facility as an outreach to the community. Pray for God’s blessing and provision for these plans.

Kithimani House of Prayer (DCF)
Simon Wambua

  • Praise God for effective evangelism. Pray for more passion to reach out.
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision to purchase land for a church building.

Kyanda DCF
Boniface & Joan Muema

  • Pray for more passion in evangelism to reach out to the lost.
  • Pray for provision for a church property.

Mbulutini DCF
James & Truphosa Mwendwa

  • Thank God for grace, growth, and goodness in the family.
  • Praise the Lord for the ongoing projects for land purchase, construction, and a PA system. Pray for financial provision to facilitate these projects.
  • Pray for two cell groups in the process to transform into Sunday celebrations.

DOVE Vota Victory Church
Caleb Kyalo
assisted by Ruth Kalii

  • Pray for healing among our members.
  • Pray for His grace to abound upon our church-planting efforts.
  • Pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and financial breakthrough for each member.

Joysprings Network

Charles & Rose Wanyama
Network leaders

Charles and Rose moved from Nairobi in August 2020, not knowing it was God’s timing to start a new work in the village in Busia County. What began in a borrowed tent has turned out to be a huge thing now called Joysprings Educational Centre. The Lord has blessed them with a brand new sanctuary and guesthouse. They are already hosting, training, and encouraging leaders from different denominations. They are also open to host mission teams from DOVE Africa at a small cost.

Praise reports
We thank God for the year 2022

  • We do praise God for his continued mercies upon our ministry. He has walked us safely through many storms, and we have come with God on our side.
  • God helped us to hold successful leaders trainings, such as a Sunday school teacher’s training and a men’s conference. We also had Children’s Fun Day attended by over 250 children from the community and a pastors’ families dinner, which brought together over 20 families. In all these events we shared God’s love as trained by DOVE Christian Fellowship ministers.
  • We thank God for the growth in numbers and maturity being witnessed among our church plants.
  • We praise God for the stability among our new converts at different church plants.
  • We had water baptisms at our new church plant at Bumala Busia. This year we have over 20 members and we are preparing for more water baptisms. We thank God for the new school started as another platform for reaching the community with the gospel.

Prayer requests

Pray with us as we:

  • have three of our church plants that are fundraising for putting up a roof on their structures
  • plan for more local training and conferences: a ladies’ conference in April, a pastor and church leaders conference in August, a couples conference on October 20, and a youth conference in mid-December
  • seek wisdom for our leaders, that we are able to raise our disciples in the fear and service of God
  • ask for God’s blessings over many who are trying to venture into the business world to fight lack in their families.

Kisumu Region

Kennedy & Loice Nunda
Apostolic regional leaders

Pray for Kennedy and Loice Nunda, Joseph and Peninah Meyo, and Frederick Omanje as they serve on the leadership team.

Praise reports:

  • One new church was planted this year!
  • Effective monthly training of pastors and leaders and a very vibrant pastors’ monthly fellowship.
  • Smooth transition of leadership in the period.
  • Protection and provision in our hour of need.

Pray for:

  • divine alignment in our network
  • grace for more strategic and effective evangelism
  • provision for praise and worship equipment
  • passion amongst the youth and women to advance the Kingdom
  • provision for education for Kennedy and Loice’s children
  • provision for mobility and transportation for ministry.

RCC Ahero
Kennedy & Loice Nunda

  • We thank God for multiplication and growth in the celebration.
  • Pray for effective outreach in search of the lost.
  • Pray for provision of a public address system and land for a church building.

RCC Awach
Prisca Onyango, elder

  • Praise God for a roof over the sanctuary and for growth and multiplication of the Sunday school!
  • Pray for multiplication of leaders and favor with community leaders.
  • Pray for development of a praise and worship team.

RCC Bethel
Joel & Margaret Randa

  • Praise God for deliverance and protection in trying times.
  • Pray for greater infilling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
  • Pray for our door-to-door evangelism to be held in our community in April.

RCC Bondo
Joseph & Susan Obondo

  • Praise God for His mighty hand upon us this year.
  • Due to the economic challenges by the pandemic, we are now meeting as a cell church. Pray that God will bless our gatherings and allow the church to multiply.

RCC Kadawa
Fred & Susan Omanje

  • Pray that we will walk more closely with the Lord.
  • Pray for holistic growth and multiplication in our church.
  • We pray for a spirit of excellence to be on our students who are taking national examinations in March and April.

RCC Kisumu
Hilary Kimutai

  • Praise the Lord we were able to come together again after a long time due to pandemic challenges.
  • Pray for growth, multiplication, and provision in our church.

RCC Korwenje
Samuel & Elizabeth Onyango

  • Thank God for successful water baptisms for the new believers.
  • Pray for our door-to-door evangelism scheduled for the month of April.

RCC Magwar
Laban & Rosemary Okinda

  • Praise the Lord for protection.
  • Pray for growth, multiplication, community evangelism, and training for leaders.

RCC Nyakach
Eric & Maureen Ogaja

  • Pray for Church Mission in Migori County and the Lord’s hand upon our evangelistic outreaches this year.

RCC Onjinjo
Fred & Susan Omanje

  • Pray for transition in leadership, as Fred and Susan have begun serving as lead elders.
  • Pray for training for leaders to be raised up.

RCC Samaria
Joseph & Peninah Meyo

  • Praise the LORD for protection. Our regional pastor’s fellowship has been very refreshing.
  • Pray for growth and multiplication in our church.
  • Pray the Lord would provide jobs and business opportunities for our young people.

Victory School RCC
Violet Odindo

  • We were not able to have school as scheduled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Pray that we will be able to open by the grace of God this year.

Kitale Region

William Munyanya
Apostolic Team leader

  • Wilson and Rebecca Makalu and Philip and Florence Omoto serve on the apostolic team of our region. Pray God’s grace and anointing to expand the Kingdom of God in our region.
  • We praise the Lord for His mighty hand upon William Munyanya and family after the passing of his wife, Joina. It’s been very challenging, but the Lord has remained faithful.
  • Pray for the pastors and their families as they serve as leaders in the region as the fear of pervasive COVID flare-ups continues in our primarily rural region.

Baraka DCF
Amos & Milkah Tonui: Baba Nyumbani

  • We thank God for being with us and how far He has brought us.
  • Pray for growth and multiplication.

Bodeni DCF
Jackton & Janerose Chesing’ara

  • Pray for commitment among our congregation.
  • Pray for effective evangelism to reach the lost.

Chebuyusi DCF
Kennedy & Judith Kaula

  • Pray we may complete construction of a building for meeting together.
  • Pray we are effective in teaching DOVE values to new believers.
  • Pray for an outpouring of Holy Spirit power upon our church.

Cornerstone DCF
Phillip & Florence Nambutie

  • Praise the Lord; He has brought us through very unfamiliar times.
  • Pray for people in our church who have lost jobs due to the effects of COVID-19.
  • Pray for our strategic evangelistic campaigns.

Daima DCFI Khungema- Mumias
Pius & Godliver Maskani

  • Pray for Pius to have wisdom and direction for various decisions he needs to make.
  • Pray for finances to do leadership training.
  • Pray for unity in the church and healing of members after a time of division and disagreement.

Dorof DCF
Boniface & Pauline Musa

  • We thank God for divine protection.
  • Pray for our outreach plans that the Lord may show up mightily.

Eluche Salama DCF
Musa Kweyu

  • Pray for people to receive deliverance from their past.
  • Pray for people to receive power by baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for special grace and the favor of God to be upon our church.

Kapsitwet DCF
Jackton & Janerose Chesing’ara

  • Pray we will reach the lost, disciple effectively, and be fervent in prayer.
  • Pray for evidence of Kingdom transformation.

Khungema DCF
Pius Masikana

  • We are a new church plant. Pray for new people to be added to our church.

Kiminini DCF
Stephen Ouma

  • Praise the Lord for good health!
  • Pray for divine intervention in the challenges we have in our church.

Kipsongo DCF
Wilson & Rebecca Makalu

  • We thank God for protection and growth in our church.
  • Pray for special grace in our celebration even as we earnestly advance the Kingdom of our God.

Liyavo DCF
Morris Makhanu

  • Praise the Lord for His faithfulness as we began as a new church plant.
  • Pray for God’s faithful provision, grace, and favor.

Milele DCF
Vincent & Rose Wasike

  • Pray for a thrust of evangelism.
  • Pray for conversions and growth.

Moi’s Bridge Sanctuary
Mr. & Mrs. George Ludisi

  • Pray for our leadership team as we plan strategies to plant other churches.
  • Pray we will flow in the love of God and signs and wonders will follow us.

Muroki DCF
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Wanyonyi

  • We praise God for faithful provision!
  • Praise God for the growth and progress He has brought us through.

Nang’eni DCF
Stanley & Colleta Masibo

  • Pray for growth and fresh zeal to serve the Lord.
  • Pray for effective leadership training and young leaders to be released into ministry.

Navakholo DCF
Paul & Judith Kaula

  • Praise the Lord for protection and the harvest of souls for His glory.
  • Pray for more laborers, for the fields are white.

Nyortis DCF
William Munyanya

  • Praise God for his hand upon us in these trying times!
  • Pray for complete healing upon William, Josiah, and other leaders.
  • Pray the Lord will enable us to raise up new leaders in the church.

Shasuna DCF
Ben Masikana

  • We are a new church plant. Pray for direction and grace to add new people.

Sinai DCFI Eshiasuna-Mumias
Benard & Christine Ndombera

  • Pray for financial provision for construction of a building and sound equipment.

Torofu DCF
Donald & Wilimina Kaula

  • Pray for growth in our church.
  • Pray for development as we begin our leadership training.
  • Pray for financial provision to buy church property.

Weyolola DCF
Alex & Beatrice Sabari

  • Pray for evangelistic breakthrough in our community. We want to see many souls coming to Jesus Christ.

Nairobi Region

Ibrahim & Diane Omondi
Regional leaders

We thank God for fresh wind of excitement about things of God. The evidence is seen in the water baptisms, frequent youth fellowships, and growing life groups.

Pray for:

  • unity, peace, and love among believers
  • Holy Spirit to inspire new zeal and commitment in the church like never before and fill the church with passion and zeal for evangelism and soul-winning
  • the many young people who really need to be discipled. Pray for many to be involved in discipleship and mentoring.
  • many church members to be willing to open their homes for cell group meetings
  • God to provide in abundance in the midst of tough economic times in Kenya.

DOVE Got-Osimbo
Francis Ogembo

  • Pray for clarity regarding leadership of this church, as Pastor Francis needs to relocate to Nairobi.
  • Pray we have favor in our community and stronger evidence of the power of God.
  • Pray for spiritual strength to defeat witchcraft and false religion.
  • Pray for clarity about future leadership.

DOVE Nairobi (Kawangware)
Ibrahim & Diane Omondi

Praise reports

  • Thank God for spiritual growth and also growth in numbers and the discipleship sessions that are held daily.
  • Praise God for the revival of cell groups. Through cell groups, many souls are giving their lives to Christ.
  • Praise God for the food donation we received from well-wishers. It has touched so many families.

Pray that:

  • God will help the leadership of the church to remain committed, embrace the calling, and to be supernaturally equipped for all that God is calling us to do
  • the Lord will fill the church with passion and zeal for evangelism and soul-winning
  • our children who are joining junior high, as this is a new education system in Kenya. Pray for a smooth transition and break any confusion that seems to hinder the new system.
  • the rains will come in our nation. Kenya is experiencing a severe drought for the last year. We need rain!

Generation Safi DCF
George & Peninah Ochieng

  • We thank God for His sustaining grace through this challenging season with COVID-19.
  • Praise the Lord for stability and the new relationships we have developed through points of contact.
  • Thank God for the healing of those who fell sick and have emerged victorious.
  • Our prayer lives have been strengthened, souls have been saved, and many are being discipled.
  • Pray for our missionaries serving in Lamu Island.
  • Pray for more strategic church plants and more laborers.