Pray for DOVE Caribbean

Steve & Mary Prokopchak
DOVE Caribbean Apostolic Team leaders

We are so grateful to God for walking us through tumultuous times the last couple of years. We are ready to move on and be about our Father’s business.

Pray and agree with us for:

  • renewed faith and vision for 2022 in the three nations that make up the Caribbean region: Barbados, Cuba, and Haiti
  • growth and multiplication of leaders, churches, outreaches, missions, and schools
  • an outreach ministry in Barbados called Harvest 201, which helps with the needs of the hurting in that nation.
  • schools in Haiti to experience provision
  • business training for leaders and church members to produce income
  • the purchase of land in Cuba to be used so that fruits, vegetables, and animals may provide for many Cuban families. Pray for the many house church leaders of this nation.


Home Way Ministries
Andrew & Vicki Shepherd: Christ Church

Pray for resettling of person-to-person gatherings. Since the beginning of the year, we, as a group, have been meeting at my home in Atlantic Shores. There have been some challenges in seeing persons return to these gatherings. I do believe some of the problem is due to the two years during COVID, just being a part of the Zoom connection and not having to leave home and drive across evening traffic to my home. Pray for improvement in our person-to-person attendance.

Pray for continuation of Zoom connections for those persons who joined us during the two years of COVID. We have people in the USA, Canada, and Australia who are very faithful in being with us on a weekly basis on Zoom. We were able to purchase a wide-angle lens camera which picks up the entire gathering in our living room and those on Zoom are projected onto our screen, which gives the feel of a bigger intimate gathering of everyone. This is very helpful in one way, but we have noticed that our local members will often say they are unable to meet in person on any given night but will join on Zoom. Pray we will continue to have internationals join us and locals will find the balance and see the importance of person-to-person interaction and fellowship together.

Pray for the possibility of a more central location in the St. Michael area. Due to many in our group travelling from the west coast of the island, we have been looking at a venue offered to us. The thought would be to use this facility every fortnight if it would assist and increase attendance of those living on the west coast of the island. Pray that we would be led by Holy Spirit to make the right decision whether to try this vision or not.

Pray for discipleship development for new believers. We have introduced a small booklet (Discipleship 201) for new believers. I have 5 taking this in during their personal devotions at home. The plan is to meet with them on Zoom for 30-40 mins once a week for any questions and discussion. Pray that these and others will benefit from it and go on to do Leadership 301.

Pray for the outreach of our church. With the world conditions as they are at this time, it is very evident that many are becoming more thoughtful and responsive to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Personally I aim at giving out at least 5 tracts every week called “The Story.” Over the last three years, I am yet to meet someone who refused to take one. I have introduced these to our group and have them present at our gatherings, but sense there is some reluctance in members taking these. Pray that members will have a hunger to share Jesus with a dying world, and that we would be led on how to reach the lost.

Love Like Jesus Community Church
Philip & Michele Edwards: Rowans Park North

  • revival and a new wave of committed and passionate believers to rise up
  • our efforts to network with local churches to be successful. Pray we would be like-minded in spirit and; purpose and that many lives will be transformed
  • an increase in finances and in giving
  • a new location where our church can meet
  • changed lives for households and family members in this community; that they would be delivered from past hurts and mistrust by the love of Jesus.

The Living Room
Steve & Shelly Moore: Christ Church

We thank God for His continued goodness and faithfulness to us. We began the year with three weeks of intimate prayer and prophetic ministry, which is indicative of the new season that God has us in. We are also seeing multiplication of cell groups.

Please pray that:

  • our times of deeper intimacy in the Lord would result in a fresh passion for Him and a new boldness in our own lives to minister in the gifts of the Spirit
  • a new move among the youth and the raising up of a new generation who will be “on fire” for Him
  • a new level of wisdom and discernment for our leadership team
  • spiritual growth will be evident for each our cell members
  • God’s continued financial provision will advance the Kingdom of God