Pray for DOVE Cuba

Steve Prokopchak
DOVE Cuba apostolic overseer

Thank God for a network of churches in Cuba who are partnering with the DOVE International family.

  • Please pray for daily provision and necessities for our Cuban family.
  • Ask our Father for a committed network of churches and leaders under new apostolic oversight.
  • Pray for the five mission outreaches to grow leadership and become new church plants.
  • Pray for mission teams to serve the children, youth, marriages, and leaders in Cuba.

Fuente de Amor
Geomar & Miladis Calzado: Santiago de Cuba

Pray for:

  • spiritual growth and maturity in our church
  • the leadership team to grow in commitment to serve as leaders.

Fuente de Vida
Alfredo & Niurka Guzmán: Santiago de Cuba

Pray for:

  • the salvation of souls and more people to be added to the church
  • our pastor’s family.

Dios en Acción
Argelis & Idelisa Cutiño: Santiago de Cuba

Pray for:

  • God’s provision to purchase musical instruments
  • a bicycle to use for visiting the brothers.

Casa de Restitución
Margelis Ponce: Mantanzas

Pray for:

  • a spiritual awakening in our community
  • unity among the families in the congregation.

Roca Firme
Jorge & Ketty Fernández: Santiago de Cuba

Pray for:

  • the acquisition of construction materials to construct a building
  • our church to have a greater impact in our society.

Generación Profética
Lorenzo & Yakelin Ferrer: Santiago de Cuba City

Pray for:

  • the purchase of an electric motorcycle to make visiting the brothers more efficient
  • unity in the pastoral team.