Pray for DOVE Cuba

Steve Prokopchak
DOVE Cuba Apostolic Overseer

The churches are presently unable to meet due to COVID restrictions. They presently gather five at a time, from house to house. Many people are not working due to government slowdown and food costs that have tripled since a year ago, making it very difficult to have necessary daily provision.

  • Pray for jobs to open back up and the ability to provide for family.

King of the Nations Int’l Ministry
Luis & Tamara Cruz: San Pedrito, City of Santiago de Cuba: network leaders

  • Pray we may locate a field to plant crops and raise animals to generate income to support the churches in our network.
  • Pray for a transport vehicle to bring the elderly to our church.

Firm Rock Church
Fernando & Mariela Parra: Altamira City, Santiago de Cuba

  • Pray for provision to purchase land for the construction of a meeting place for our church.
  • Pray for a piano to lead in worship.

Fountain of Life Church
Geomar Pérez, Sabanilla: Santiago de Cuba City

  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity in our church.
  • Pray for the leadership team to grow in commitment to serve as leaders.

Fountain of Light Church
Alfredo & Niurka Guzmán: El Aguacate, City of Santiago de Cuba

  • Pray for the salvation of souls and more people to be added to the church.
  • Pray for our pastor’s family.

God in Action Church
Argelis & Ideliza Durán: 4 Caminos, Santiago de Cuba

  • Pray for God’s provision to purchase musical instruments.
  • Pray for a bicycle to use for visiting the brothers.

House of Prayer Church
Morgelis Ponce: Mantanzas City

  • Pray for a spiritual awakening in our community.
  • Pray for unity among the families in the congregation.

King of Glory Church
Jorge & Kety Fernández: El Salao, City of Santiago de Cuba

  • Pray for the acquisition of construction materials to construct a building.
  • Pray for our church to have a greater impact in our society.

King of the Nations Church
Noel & Anieska Martín: Santiago de Cuba City

  • Pray for a greater spiritual impact in our city.
  • Pray God’s provision for the elderly and children will be available.

King of the Nations Church
Lorenzo & Yaqueline Ferrer: Santiago de Cuba City

  • Pray for the purchase of an electric motorcycle to make visiting the brothers more efficient.
  • Pray for unity in the pastoral team.

King of the Nations Church
Aurelio Grajales & Minelvis Mengana

  • Prayer for revival throughout the nation of Cuba.
  • Pray for construction of our building to be completed.

Mount Horeb Church
Jorge & Juliet Martínez: Boniato City, Santiago de Cuba

  • Pray for unity of the church members.
  • Pray for an effective leadership team to be recognized.
  • Pray for musicians and musical instruments to lead worship.

Settlers of Heaven Church
Osmel & Lucy Rodriguez: La Yaya, Guantánamo

  • Pray for the development of effective leadership in our church.
  • Pray for revival in our city.
  • Pray the youth of our church will grow as disciples.