Pray for DOVE Latin America

Tom Barnett
DOVE Latin America apostolic team leader

The apostolic team includes Duane Britton, Deryl Hurst, Chris Miller, Julio and Jodi Rodriguez, and Larry Kreider. Tom gives oversight to leaders in Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. Duane gives oversight to leaders in Guatemala; Deryl and Chris give oversight to leaders in Brazil.

  • Pray for apostolic leaders who share our spiritual DNA to join our vision to expand the Kingdom of God in other nations.
  • Pray for evangelism, discipleship, expansion, and church planting.


Duane Britton
Apostolic overseer

Ministerios Cristianos Luz Y Vida
Julio & Jodi Rodriguez: San Lucas

There is a relevant timetable and significant plan from God for these partner churches as they have Kingdom influence in their local community and the nations.

Pray for the lead elder and team to receive grace from God to function together properly as they partner with Holy Spirit to make disciples who make disciples, build and multiply the churches, and equip the members.

  • Pray for the proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom of God to those who do not know the Lord.
  • Pray for a revelation of God’s Word to teach/equip believers to live in their God-given identity and destiny.
  • Pray for Holy Spirit to fill and empower every member to live victoriously and fulfill their God-given ministry.

Pray for these churches of the Iglesisa Luz Y Vida network:

  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Sumpango: Luis Solís
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Santa Maria Cauque: Carlos and Marta Solís
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Rancho Alegre: Irma Solís y Luis Solís
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Berlin: Freddy and Ofelia Matias
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Coban: Abelino and Marta Pop
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida San José El Yalú: Delfino and Ana Solís
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida Panimache: Francisco and Maria Cis Morales
  • Iglesia Luz Y Vida San Antonio, El Rosario and Los Izotes: Juan and Eugenia Aspuac
  • Iglesia El Aguacate: Arnoldo and Elvira Coy


Tom Barnett
Apostolic overseer

Héroes 21 Christian Mission
Justo and Loren Llecllish: Lima 7

We have many micro churches, and preparing for a post-COVID context, we want to give shape to the micro church movement that we are establishing.

Pray for:

  • divine wisdom to establish the leadership structure for our network of churches (one that serves the great mission)
  • teams, volunteers, freelancers, and part-time. Both for administrative and spiritual aspects. There is a lot of work, few workers. May the Lord provide us with a staff of ministerial stature to lead large areas of what our micro church movement involves.
  • discipleship as an indicator of mission achievement. We have a way of discipling very busy people. Now we pray for power from on high moving new believers to commit to study the Scriptures as a measure of their spirituality.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 NIV