Pray for the International Apostolic Council

When praying for the International Apostolic Council, please pray for:

  • Wisdom, discernment, and grace to encourage, equip, and strengthen leaders in the DOVE family worldwide.
  • Safety for apostolic leaders and their families as they travel to many nations to minister to the DOVE family leaders worldwide.
  • A release and empowering of younger leadership on every level throughout the world, and for new apostolic leaders with the same spiritual DNA that God has called to join the DOVE global family.
  • The producing of leadership resources that will help present and future generations of apostolic leaders and church leaders.
  • A healthy leadership succession transfer of DOVE International leadership from Larry and LaVerne Kreider to Merle and Cheree Shenk in April 2024.
  • Grace from God to help train and release many future healthy DOVE leaders throughout the world during the next few years.

Larry and LaVerne Kreider
International Director

Please pray for Larry and LaVerne:

  • For safety and grace for Larry and Merle as they travel to many parts of the world together this year in preparation for the DOVE International leadership transfer in April 2024.
  • That the process of succession of DOVE International leadership that will take place over the next year will be healthy and filled with grace.
  • To continue to grow in intimacy with the Lord and hear His voice clearly.
  • As they lead the DOVE International Apostolic Council and minister to leaders in many nations.
  • For great faith for finances to help expand the DOVE family globally to bring glory to God.
  • To walk in wisdom as they oversee leaders and movements in many regions and nations.
  • In their connection with younger leaders, and for those young leaders to be called, mentored, trained, and released to take new roles of leadership throughout the world.

Merle and Cheree Shenk
International Director Designate

Please pray for Merle and Cheree:

  • For safety and grace for Larry and Merle as they travel to many parts of the world together this year in preparation for the DOVE International leadership transfer in April 2024.
  • That the process of succession of DOVE International leadership, over the next year will be healthy and filled with grace.
  • As they serve in various leadership roles, but specifically as they lead the South Africa & Zambia Apostolic Team. Pray for refreshing, healing, and provision for these pastors, leaders, and churches.
  • As they lead Newport Church in USA. Pray for the leaders and ministry team as they serve to equip the church.
  • To have divine connections, and the momentum of the Holy Spirit leading in and through their lives and ministry.
  • And for their children to grow deep roots in their walk with the Lord and enjoy serving in the work of the ministry together.
  • God’s health, protection, and provision in their lives.

Ron and Bonnie Myer
Assistant International Director

Pray for Ron and Bonnie:

  • that their walk with Jesus would be first and foremost above anything they do.
  • that they might have influence and impact drawing leaders closer to Jesus.

Pray for Ron specifically in these areas:

  • wisdom and discernment as assistant international director.
  • grace as he guides the USA team in empowering and releasing leaders as they provide oversight for USA churches.
  • insight as he provides oversight to Peter Bunton in his leadership to DMI and Nick Payne, who leads DOVE USA Youth. These two ministries are key to the DOVE USA scope of ministry.
  • insight and foresight as he serves DOVE International as the director of operations.

Peter and Ruth Ann Bunton
Director of DOVE Mission International

Pray for Peter:

  • to effectively help churches in the USA develop a vision for world missions.
  • as he meets with and prepares potential long-term missionaries and cares for those already on the mission field.
  • to discern the appropriate time to begin sending short-term teams to other countries, as well as interns for six-month and one-year placements.
  • as he teaches, writes, and serves as an instructor to those pursuing graduate theological education
  • to serve on the DOVE Europe Apostolic team with wisdom.
  • please pray for Ruth Ann in her work as a trained spiritual director and coach.

Hesbone and Violet Odindo

Hesbone and Violet serve on the DOVE Africa Apostolic Council, lead the DOVE Kenya Apostolic Council, and oversee churches in Kisumu region in Kenya.

Pray for Hesbone and Violet specifically in these areas:

  • wisdom to handle varied leadership responsibilities
  • an empowering to identify and mentor leaders throughout Kenya and across Africa
  • planning and overseeing leadership training, especially among the next generation
  • vision and capacity to empower church planters
  • financial provision for their family and ministry needs

Ibrahim and Diane Omondi

Please pray for Ibrahim and Diane as they serve in DOVE Africa and the body of Christ as a whole. Ibrahim and Diane give leadership to the DOVE Africa Apostolic Council, DOVE Missions Africa, and DOVE Nairobi.

Pray for:

  • Safety and provision for strategic visits to various nations in the DOVE Africa family. Pray that leaders will be encouraged and receive divine guidance as they interact and teach.
  • Divine wisdom in identifying and equipping a new generation of leaders.
  • Grace to keep a balance between ministry and personal health, both physical and spiritual.
  • A breakthrough for construction of the DOVE Africa Prayer Center.
  • Clarity for every step.

Steve and Mary Prokopchak

Pray for Steve and Mary:

  • As they serve on the International apostolic team, the USA apostolic team and lead the Caribbean apostolic team.
  • To continue to see succession in areas of responsibility to the next generation of leaders.
  • To remain physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy.
  • For Steve’s blogs and writings to grow in depth and in readership.
  • For further training opportunities to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  • To continue to mentor the next generation in marriage, leadership and individual call.

Brian and Janet Sauder

Pray for Brian and Janet as they lead various apostolic teams and oversee apostolic leaders and church leaders.

Pray specifically:

  • As they serve on the International Apostolic Council.
  • For Brian’s leadership of the DOVE Canada Apostolic Council and for the training of leaders in DOVE Canada.
  • As Brian serves on the DOVE Southeast Asia leadership team and oversees apostolic leaders there.
  • For wisdom and fruitfulness as Brian directs the DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School and oversees numerous training projects.
  • For them as they mentor and train leaders in various levels of leadership.

Recognized Spiritual Advisors
Keith Yoder, Tony Fitzgerald, and Marilyn Fitzgerald

Pray for our spiritual advisers who are placed in our lives by the Lord for wise council, accountability, and spiritual oversight. The International Apostolic Council members meet individually as needed and as a team for discernment and prayer together.

DOVE Stewardship Team
Earl Shirk (chairman), Ron Myer (treasurer), David Brechbill, Rob Kurtz, and Bob Kreider

Pray for our stewardship team who are business owners and managers who provide fiscal and legal counsel for the administrative and business practices of DOVE International.

“Whenever you pray… your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.” Matthew 6:6