Merle and Cheree Shenk

Merle and Cheree serve on the DOVE International Apostolic Council, and on the apostolic team for DOVE South Africa.  Merle serves as the lead elder at Newport Church located in Elm, Pennsylvania.

Merle and Cheree planted an inner city church in Woodstock, South Africa. Then after living in South Africa for 11 years, they received a clear word of the Lord sending them back to the USA. Knowing that this was an assignment from God, they relocated to the USA. Since then, Merle served as the pioneering director of HarvestNet School of Supernatural Ministry during their first year back in the States. Read more about their story here.  Merle’s latest book, Encountering the Supernatural was coauthored with Larry Kreider and Kevin Kazemi.

Merle and Cheree Shenk are parents to five children, and live in Lititz, PA.

Merle is the DOVE International director designate and is planning to become the international director in early 2024. More information here.