We can help you grow your church or ministry

Host a seminar! Presenters are experienced ministry leaders that include Larry Kreider and other DOVE leaders. DOVE Seminars are filled with practical tools for you, your team of leaders, and for those you serve. DOVE International is a family of churches that has successfully used the New Testament strategy of building the church with small groups for over 36 years in five continents. We would love to serve you. These seminars include the option of a time for discussion and personal ministry and can be for a whole day, or it can be for a few hours, depending on the need. You can choose the topics that you feel are needed most.

It’s easy for you to host a seminar in your location! Among the many benefits you will receive:

  • Proven, cost-effective training
  • Impartation through practical teaching
  • Presenters who are qualified, experienced communicators
  • Accelerated leadership development
  • Experience change and spiritual growth in your church

Each attendee will receive a seminar manual if desired.

For more information contact the DOVE office or call 717-627-1996.

Seminar Topics