Called Together Pre- and Postmarital Counselor Training
with authors Steve & Mary Prokopchak

Marriage: it’s God’s plan. If we believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment, then we must believe in thorough marriage preparation and mentoring. Barna’s recent research tells us that one in four Christian marriages are ending in divorce. Let’s be a part of changing that statistic.

This seminar is based on the material in Called Together, a unique workbook designed for couple-to-couple mentoring use, preparing couples for a successful marriage. Sessions train church leaders and lay leadership couples to use the Called Together mentoring format. Registrants receive a Called Together workbook, learn how to use the material, and learn how to equip others to use this tool.

What will this seminar teach us?

This seminar covers the “how-tos” of pre- and postmarital counseling. Valuable insights are given on how to draw a couple out so they can take a thorough look at themselves, their backgrounds, and their future. Learn how to use the Called Together material and how to equip others to use this tool.

Who should attend this training?

Pastors and their spouses desiring to further their counseling skills for pre- and postmarital counseling will benefit. This training is also designed for mature believers who have been recommended by their pastor and are interested in providing biblical material to those planning for marriage. It is our desire to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). Couples are strongly encouraged to attend this training time together.

About the Called Together workbook

Called Together is a unique “couple-to-couple” workbook will prepare couples for a successful marriage. It is designed to be used by counselor mentors leading the sessions. 240 pages: $19.99 Free with registration! For details, click here.

Check out free mentor training videos here.

An informative live seminar with the authors designed to train church leaders and lay couples to use the Called Together couple-to-couple mentoring format.


A Called Together manual is included with registration.

For more information contact the DOVE office or call 717-627-1996