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Announcing DOVE Global Access Training School

DOVE Global Access is an on-line leadership and ministry training school that is available on demand 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. It is for students from any country and any time zone to take training classes for Christian ministry or leadership, and for starting new churches. The goal is leadership and ministry training that is available to anyone from all churches and ministries.


Micro Learning

The DOVE Global Access format uses micro learning, which is built around a strategy of “smart chaos”, a framework that plays to the technology strengths and learning styles of individuals. Classes are short segments of information with a response required after each class. Students can complete a class on their public transportation commute or on lunch break at their job.

Transformational Learning

This high quality Christian training school places a value on practical application and implementation. Although it a technology based learning format it is still easy to use and gives the opportunity for on-line discussion and Q & A. This training is transformational learning; it will change you, the student, as you work your way through, and help you change the world.  The format is flexible and works on mobile devices; students receive feedback and recognition.

DOVE International

Although there are many on-line Bible schools, DOVE has a unique brand in the church sector because of its emphasis on church planting, small groups, New Testament leadership, Christian character and the fivefold ministry. This school emphasizes practical training and empowering for all believers to minister, not just a few elite clergy.

Global Access

The curriculum will be deliverable for access on all personal computers, and very specifically to connect with mobile devices. This schools entry into the mobile device training market when such markets are expanding rapidly in the developing countries around the globe offers a generous upside opportunity for students from these regions to take the school.

Student Contact

A DOVE International value is to build the Kingdom of God by developing relationships. The school has a relational feel to it. Fun “gaming concepts” allows students to measure accomplishments and develop a friendly competition with other students to complete the school. Discussion forums and question & answer platforms allow students to interact with school leaders. Assessments and tests are built in as well. Those students desiring ongoing connection with DOVE International will be referred to the various international regional gatherings to build relationship with the leaders of the DOVE family.

Starting New Churches

This training invites students into a “learn and apply” process where they potentially could start a new church. The application of content will require them to build relationships beyond the school discussion and coaching; with those in their circle of relationships.


Prices will be announced with the release of the school.

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