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Classes are webcast live from our DOVE Hopewell school classroom in Pennsylvania on the second weekend of each month. This allows students to complete the school via the internet. Just fill out the application and you are ready to start the school.  Webcast students who meet the regular requirements of the school can also transfer credit to Chesapeake Bible College and Wagner Leadership Institute.

A chat line and a text number are open for students to send in questions, testimonies and comments on the webcast site. Class handouts, tests, assignments and related materials will be sent electronically. Registered students will receive a web address and an access code after payment for the weekend. The webcast will follow the schedule of the DOVE Hopewell School on Eastern Standard Time

Weekend Schedule

September 8-9
Destiny, Spiritual Gifts and Leadership
October 13-14
Fivefold Ministry and New Testament Leadership
November 10-11
Helping People Find Freedom
December 8-9
The Bible and Church History
January 12-13  
Missions/Practical Ministry Skills
February 9-10
Advanced Ministry Skills
March 9-10 
The Kingdom of God
April 13-14
Church Planting Boot Camp
May 11-12  
Missional Kingdom Communities

Complete schedule

Friday:  6:30 – 9:30  PM
Saturday:  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM    1:30 – 4:30 PM

Training Home

Webcast Locations

Agape Community Church, Marsyville, Ohio
Hopewell Elverson, Elverson, PA
The Fireplace, Myerstown, PA
TransformedChurch, Reading, PA
Dwelling Place Worship Center, Philadelphia, PA
Freedom Lighthouse and Overflow,  Fort Loudon, PA

Webcast Classroom Proctor

A remote campus must have someone committed and approved to lead the site. For the responsibilities of a classroom proctor click here. To start a webcast classroom email Brian here


The regular webcast cost is $99 per person per weekend. For groups of five or more establishing a remote campus the cost is $89/per person per weekend. There is a $75 application fee.

Rates are discounted for DOVE or Hopewell Churches to $69/$59.

Affiliated schools for transfer credit

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