Beneficiary Designation

You can designate DOVE International as one of your beneficiaries for an IRA, a 401K, or other retirement account, life insurance, bank or investment accounts. You can donate to DOVE International out of your Required Minimum Distribution of an IRA also. When not taking possession of the money and using your fund manager to process your RMD, you will receive tax credit for these donations.  Discuss this with your retirement fund manager using the details provided below, DOVE International’s address and EIN.

Details for your fund manager:
DOVE International, 11 Toll Gate Road, Lititz, PA  17543
EIN: 23-2172664

If you are planning to designate DOVE International as a beneficiary and would be willing to let us know, we would appreciate hearing from you. We would love to send you a thank you!

DOVE International recommends that you discuss financial matters with your financial, tax and legal advisors when making decisions regarding your specific circumstances.